“Listen to this,There seems to be nothing wrong with it?This can be regarded as someone’s ability,Not cheap,Is it a high price??”

“no,Everyone really hates him,Because he always belittles other treasures first,Isn’t this a character issue??Brother Hu never did that before,Right?”
Hu Yang naturally knew this Ma,About fifty years old,Special pitman。
He doesn’t have a good impression of this person,Jianbao’s strength can indeed,But morality needs to be improved。
This person is a person who has already been collecting,And also has its own private museum,He himself has traveled so many places,It can be said to be knowledgeable,Plus his own knowledge is very knowledgeable,So he is a very famous figure in the collection world。
I believe everyone is familiar with the overseas auction of animal heads,Chinese collectors bid,But did not pay,The incident that caused the pass。
afterwards,This old guy actually said that the Chinese collector who was shouting was a shit-cutter,Corrupted China’s international reputation。
From the event itself,Bidding,But did not pay,Really bad。But those two animal head artifacts,The Chinese government clearly warned a country,The two animal heads were looted back then,Is stolen,Not to be auctioned。however,An auction house ignored Chinese warnings,Still take it out,Want to take advantage of the Chinese patriotism,Make a fortune。
then,It happened that the price was raised but not paid。
For this matter,Many Chinese netizens support the Chinese collector’s approach,Feel very relieved。
Just this time,Ma stood up to brush up on the sense of existence,Angrily denounce the behavior of Chinese collectors,It means that this is a shame for the Chinese,No money to pay,Don’t charge up,Pretend to be a local tyrant,Do you really consider yourself a national hero??
Everyone check,It was discovered that the collector had repeatedly photographed Chinese cultural relics overseas,Also donated。
and,This collector,Big business,Tens of millions of euros,Not at all。but,People are still under pressure,Did not pay a dime,Play Auction House。
however,This Ma,I have a lot of cultural relics,After all, they have opened their own private museums,But never donated one to the country。
This is kind of funny,What qualifications does he have,To blame others?
later,After being complained by everyone,Ma publicly stated,After he died,His treasures,Will give away all countries。But such words,How many people believe?Anyway, many people expressed disbelief。
In fact,The Chinese collector,I also talked about my thoughts afterwards,Indicates that there is a reason for not paying。
Before the auction,The national government clearly stated,The bronze statue of the animal head cannot be put up for auction,But overseas institutions ignore China’s warnings,Go its own way,His approach,Just cooperate with the country。
The animal head itself belongs to China,Only in the humiliating war a hundred years ago,Was snatched by foreign powers。Now the country is strong,We reuse“Strategy”Recapture,Reasonable。