Facing this circumstances,Lu Menglin can be said to be experienced,Back in the earth world,He has been popular on the Internet,Although he is low-key,Rarely face the camera directly,But it doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to face the camera。

A simple action,A sincere smile,The first impression is important。
“Hello everyone!I am Wu Hao!Miss Hu Lin’s question just now,I am here to answer everyone。”
“it’s actually really easy,Because they used pirated versions,That’s why I can easily take it!”Lu Menglin said with a smile。
These few words,I heard everyone present at a loss,Not only that,The people in the live broadcast room also don’t understand,These few words,And take down these ten super powers,Does it really matter?
Lu Menglin wanted this effect,Throw a question first,Suspend everyone’s appetite,Then he said。
“Talking about this,I need to explain first,Why is my Sandstorm City Legion so powerful?Our warrior,When facing those alien monsters,Killing efficiency is ten times that of traditional Korean soldiers,Take ten,Not kidding。”
“This is how we can hold the line of defense,And drove those alien monsters away。Then,How did our soldiers do it?Actually the reason is very simple,Because I myself developed a set of intelligent auxiliary combat software,This software is in the process of combat,Able to spot the weakness of the monster in time,And guide soldiers to conduct targeted attacks。”
This remark,Whether it is the Hu clan present,Or hundreds of millions of viewers in the live broadcast room,Everyone’s eyes widened,Stared at the Wuhao Commander without blinking,All dumbfounded。
original,This is not only an invincible soldier,And also a scientific researcher,No wonder he can get stronger as he fights,Outstanding record,This is technology to enhance combat effectiveness!
“For this set of intelligent auxiliary combat software,I am not encrypted,Didn’t plan to sell,Free of charge,Anyone can download and use。Because this is a set of fighting software for those alien monsters,As a member of the human race,I hope we can win this race war!”
“but,As the creator of this software,I left a back door in this software,Is the armor and weapons that load this software,Don’t attack me,Whoever tried to attack me,The system will be paralyzed immediately。This is a little trick to protect yourself,I believe everyone can understand。”
When Lu Menglin finished speaking,,Everyone present was dumbfounded,Including the audience in the live room,Are all in shock。
“Too strong!”