“Mr. Zhao!What does it mean?”Huriously saw other five people in the room asked,

“Qi boss,Let me introduce you.,This is our hard work, Shanghai Station, Yuan Zhi Yuantan Webmaster!Let the six brother command come to talk to you,Because the six brothers will catch up,The meaning of the six brothers is what is the same as that of 10,000 stops.。”
“Oh!It turned out that!Hello!Hello!”Hurry and reach out。
Wan Zhi Chao is very proud of pretend, did not see,Looked watching Qiushan Yazi asked:“Who is this?”
“Hahaha……”Rui Rui’s hand stretched out the hand to finish the hair:“She is my personal bodyguard!”
“Qi boss is full of enough.!There are also bodyguards!”
“Which of the tens of thousands of webmasters,In addition to Mr. Zhao, everyone will bring it.,how!Is it worried that I gave you to the Japanese??”Rui Rui asked,
“Qi boss!Tenship length!We still talk about it.,Otherwise, the six brother knows……”
“sit down!”Wan Zhi Chao said that he is uploaded,
“Mr. Zhao,I am looking at the Six brothers who will come to the appointment.!It seems that we don’t have to talk about it.!goodbye!”Rui Rui is going to turn,
NS142chapter I know where the seven brothers are(Recommended ticket,Monthly ticket!)
Zhao Ji hurried up and took the Qi Rui:“Qi boss,Look at the face of my six brothers, you will be wronged.,Ten Zhi Chao has never worked with me six brothers.,Also uncomfortable,This time, the boss personally plays him talents.,Qi boss!I thank you for your six brothers.!”
“What is wrong?,Don’t worry about this mother.!”Wan Zhi Chao said,
“I said that you can do the Lord??”Asked Qi Rui,
“Since I come, I can of course be the master.!”
“it is good!Since you say this,Then I will see how you are the master.!”Rui Rui Sitting,I saw four people who standed to say to Wan Zhoe.:“Let them go out!”
“What do you want to do??”Wantual,
“Because I am going to say that I am tense!”
“You all go out.!”Van Zhiye seeing Zhao Ji’s hard work,
After four people go out,Qi Rui, please:“Do you know the twin plan of the same library??”
“Gemini plan?”Wan Zhizhao knows this plan to see Zhao Ji,
“Qi boss,I know this plan,You said.,I promise to give you a satisfactory answer.。”Zhao Ji is that it is in the same way with the nine brother.,Because the action of rescue the old seven Wu Tianbao has begun from this moment.。
“it is good!The old eight sea of the first day, the old eight sea was raised from the attendant room, and a name is Zheng Guoan??”Asked Qi Rui,
“Correct,Be right!My eight brothers caught people,I was in Wuhan at the time.。”Zhao Ji said,
“This Zheng Guoan is a child in the pair of the same class.!”
“Qi boss,I know this.,They are both twins,Snoving a training from the childhood,Also let people have secretly funded twins another head,Then let the opportunity in Japan to replace the domestic!This is the twin plan of the same case!”
“good,It seems that you know a lot!”Qi Rui said,
“It’s all the six brothers told me.!”
“I have encountered a chance of chances of Zheng Guo, the same person.,He was very falling at the time.,I curious, he took a meal.,As a result, he actually said that he is Zheng Guoan.,It is escaped from the devil’s labor camp.,There is also a person named Xu Hongkai with him.。”
“its not right!Who is it from the attendant??Is it Zheng Guotai?!He is the one that is taken by the Japanese.!”Zhao Ji is shocked,
“It is said that Zheng Guoan in my hand said this.。”