At this moment Sun Yuejuan walked out of the kitchen,She smiled and said:“No one plays with him during this time,Your dad went to Southeast Mountain,I’m busy every day,Tired of playing alone in the yard,Always trouble me”

“is it?You dare to trouble grandma when you are so young”Xia Jian said and smiled,So I put Xiao Chenchen on the ground。Children are children after all,Just said unhappy,Turned around and ran to play again。
Zhao Hong washed her hands,Went to the kitchen to help。Obviously Sun Yuejuan’s dinner was not prepared for Xia Jian,He suddenly went home,Disrupted my old lady’s cooking。
Xia Jian was sitting in the yard while playing with Xiao Chenchen,While thinking,Autumn is coming soon。Go to kindergarten in Bucheon this morning,Did you separate the family?。Dad Xia Zecheng is not used to life in the city,Don’t want to go。Now we have the business of raising sheep,He is even more reluctant to go。
Let my old lady go alone,Xia Jian still feels a little uneasy。Although there is Lao Xiao’s care,But after all, it’s hard to say after a long time。
More thinking,The more chaotic my heart。Xia Jian took a deep breath and stood up,He has to think about it。
Supper served,A few people ate。Xiao Chenchen is growing up,Appetite is ok,He eats very hard。In Sun Yuejuan’s eyes,It’s all full of love。
See this scene,Logically, Xia Jian is happy,But he can’t be happy。Because he knew,There are many variables in Xiao Chenchen’s future。,My parents love Xiaochenchen,The more he worried that one day if Xiao Chenchen left,What can his parents do?
“Hey!what’s wrong with you?I’m absent-minded even after a meal?”Sun Yuejuan found Xia Jian’s problem,Asked immediately。
Zhao Hong glanced at Xia Jian,Asked him a little bit:“Is work too tired?During this time, you have not been idle for the development of the tourist area in Pingyang Town。Work is important,But compared to the body,I think the body is important”
“Almost done。Your dad and I are still waiting for you in the future?Don’t ruin me in advance”Sun Yuejuan said with a serious face。
Xia Jian smiled,Hurriedly turned a topic and asked:How is my dad doing?Didn’t Wang Degui also go?!Can two people get along?“
“Nothing,Don’t worry about this。Are all the same age,Should know。Moreover,It’s trial raising now,If one of them makes trouble on purpose,When we expand farming in the future,Can I still have their share??“Zhao Hong smiled and said to Xia Jian。
Sun Yuejuan sighed and said:“I came back two days ago,Brought something from home。Look at him,It’s very exciting。He even bragged me,Wang Degui is honest,Listen to him everything“That’s it for Sun Yuejuan,Can’t help but laugh。
Xia Jian couldn’t help shook his head,He still didn’t expect,Dad also has the addiction to being an official,Also like to manage people。But also,over the years,Wang Degui is in charge of him,Now has a chance,He manages Wang Degui is also a kind of inner balance。
Just when his three adults were talking,I found Xiao Chenchen was eating,I started to doze off,Look at him cute。Sun Yuejuan can’t bear the little grandson so uncomfortable,He quickly got up,Picked up Xiao Chenchen and went back to the room。