Simple life, the most healthy


Simple life, the most healthy

The topic of health care has been popular since ancient times. However, in recent years, it has suddenly expanded its scope from the earlier royal family to ordinary people.

Streets and alleys, businesses with a banner of health, are everywhere, from head to toe, are packaged into health types: health skin care and beauty, health massage, health and high-end catering, and even travel, but also began to get involved in the health scale.

Of course, when it comes to health, the price is naturally expensive.

In addition, all kinds of health books are popular, and they are full of all the sights.

For a time, all kinds of vegetables and fruits, flowers and oils, are labeled with health, as long as you are in the slow-tuning music, you can calm down, but become a health product.

銆€銆€Just, don’t know if these so-called health regimens can really be healthy?

Walking into any one, reading any one, will be called a unique health cheats, some people are eager to try, it seems that only this one try, you can really raise a new year.

銆€銆€I am good at studying health care, and I have never been tired of it for many years.

Just tossing and tossing, because the temper is anxious, unable to hold on, often can not persist, just focus on the greedy map can be immediately.

This kind of heavy result, the attempt of the light process, never felt that there was a unique cheat, so that when I went down, I felt a fresh burst of hair from the inside out, and I was refreshed, not to mention “remaining in the color, eliminatingThe disease is prolonged.

銆€銆€Looking for many years, tired and tired, simply let go.

銆€銆€Returning to the farmer’s work every day, going to bed early and getting up early, actually no longer fascinated and sleepless; every day, I no longer imitate Shennong to taste the herbs, drink countless Yanqing Qingxin tea, slimming lotus leaf tea, etc., only replace with boiled waterDrinking, actually refreshed; every day gave up the time and effort to curb all kinds of big remedy soup, all the good materials that I have returned from Guangzhou hard to return, only in the afternoon tea, drink a bowlRed bean or mung bean soup, actually ruddy and shiny; most importantly, no longer lazy in bed, said “resting”, starting every day to walk for an hour and six kilometers, enjoy and persevere, actually pedestrians and winds, walking like a fly;The mood is also simple to clean up, earnestly live each day and enjoy every moment.

銆€銆€This does not “deliberately maintain health”, in fact, the “healthy health” has been a long time, the impetuous character has also been improved, began to learn to discover and appreciate more beautiful scenery around, but also got a lot of sentiments and experience.

銆€銆€However, we don’t have to deliberately pursue the cheats of health, as long as we are grateful, follow the laws of nature, breathe fresh air, breathe pure and natural water, eat healthy food, be willing to live a quiet life, and share family life with our family.The warmth, love of life and sports, appreciation of the beauty of the morning sun and the setting sun, can calm the heart, enrich the happiness, and truly live a healthy life.

銆€銆€It’s as simple as this, and I’ve realized the way of 鈥渓ight and comfortable鈥?health care: simple life is the most healthy.