Tianjin Transportation Industry implements credit repair system to help enterprise health development

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Thanks to the traffic transport department, the transportation department guides us to rectify, and the credit has been reviewed, so that the company has recovered normal production and operation, and the development will step into the right track. The person in charge of a road transportation enterprise in Jinnan District, Tianjin said.

Since this year, the city’s transportation industry has fully explored the implementation of credit repair system, and it is agency to take the initiative to correct the active confirmation behavior and help enterprises. Up to now, 27 credit repair applications have been accepted, and the credit repair has been successfully completed in accordance with the relevant provisions after performing administrative punishment decisions, active rectification and elimination of adverse effects.

  Director Du Erpeng, director of the Municipal Transportation Commission Research Office, the credit repair of transportation industry mainly involved the "credit China" general informance behavior, market subject credit risk classification and serious illegal over-limit overload transport and lost trust parties.

"As early in 2017, the city will start the creation of" credit transportation province ", and have formulated a 3-year overall program, introduced information management, evaluation assessment, incentive discipline, etc. nearly 20 system norms, forming a more complete credit management Institutional system. Last year, the city has also introduced "Tianjin City Transportation Credit Information Repair Management Measures (Trial)", guiding enterprises to take the initiative to correct the faith behavior. This road transport company in Jinnan Province can take a smoothly abrasive hat, It is the implementation of this approach. "We are because of 10% of the illegal over-limit transportation vehicles in the 1 year, the transportation department is included in the traffic industry in the transportation industry, which is seriously illegally overloaded overload transportation, loss of trust, and has a serious impact on daily operations. Under the guidance of the competent department. "The person in charge said," Now the company’s transport trucks are absolutely no more than the limited standard, and the vehicles are also excellent after passing the factory.

We organize employees to participate in credit policy learning and training, and actively sign a corporate credit commitment and open to the whole society, actively apply for credit repair.

"I don’t disturb the law-abiding and integrity enterprises. Liu Daogang, deputy director of the municipal transportation committee, said:" We are multi-pronged, actively carry out the "credit traffic ‘construction, not only let the’ lost letter ‘main body Restricted, more about the ‘trust’ subject to enjoy more’ credit bonus’.

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