2021 "Qingdao Agricultural Products" Live Belt Net Red Competition Shift Shop Selection

On November 12th, "Qingdao Agricultural" liveband goods network red competition shifting store model selection competition and the first shot-style peasant network will be held in Double Chuang Center, Town, Qingdao City, Town, Qingdao.

The event aims to enhance the popularity and brand influence of shooting storm real estate products, promote live e-commerce industry and agricultural production and sales, trade logistics integration development, help the reunion of rural industries in shifting stores and high quality development. At the event, more than 20 "peasant net red" belt in the selection of selection, the live broadcast of the ginger, black garlic, high-quality vegetables, etc.

At the same time, the organizer’s judges scored according to the aquary sales, the number of popularity, and Net-red performance, and finally selected a single prize of 10 "Shield Network Red Man" and the Best Popular Prize, Featured Product Award.

The this competition is the theme of "new agriculture new rural farmers". The excellent players of the contest will participate in the Shift Store Town to participate in Qingdao "Qingdao Agricultural Products" live broadcast network red competition, promote the sales of specialty agricultural products in the shock store, promote the modernization, industrialization construction and "new consumption of farmers" , Realize the benign circulation of farmers’ income and consumption, help to promote the revitalization of rural villages.

"Live broadcasts can not only sell our products, but also publicize the local culture and travel of the shock store. We have to turn in the Internet to the present, everyone can turn the broad farmland to ‘liveth", live as new farm activities, hope us Agricultural products in the shifting store can come out of China and go to the world. "Hu Xingbi, which was the contestant.

In 2021, the Town of Town, Jimo District, actively held a special training camp in live broadcasts, and creating a new model of farm products sales in 5G era.

Up to now, Jiku District Shinery Town Joint Digital Farm Bay and Dam Village, Beixinzhuang Village, Taipingzhuang Village Agricultural Products Cooperatives have created three rural live broadcast bases.

Next, the country’s revitalization is a key step. The shifting store town will continue to follow the "Government + Farmers + Social Platform + Live Base" new model of industrial integration development ideas, actively explore the industrial revitalization. path".

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