During this time,Lu Menglin also rarely has time to spend time with his parents,Not fishing with my father every day,Just go to the small courtyard of Su Xuehen and Jin Soyan,Happy little days。

And on the outside,Governments on the matter of Lu Menglin becoming the Great Venerable of the Secret Medicine Group,Have maintained a wait-and-see attitude。
Because compared to the great Venerable Jiang Chuyu before,Lu Menglin’s threat at least seems to be significantly smaller。
obviously,The nails of the intelligence agencies of various countries in the secret medicine group,Reported Lu Menglin’s information。
Lu Menglin’s ideas are not radical,While everything remains the same,Focus on improving the efficacy of secret medicine,Make the medicine more gentle,Less stimulating to people’s character,This is undoubtedly in the interests of politicians of various countries。
Improved secret medicine,The benefits to human society outweigh the harms,And Lu Menglin’s approach is more like a businessman,More importantly, he does not have nuclear weapons,This is also an important reason to reassure governments。
and so,The governments of various countries have responded to the secret medicine group and the new Great Venerable Lu Menglin,Have maintained a wait-and-see attitude。
after all,As far as the whole world is concerned,Stability is above all else。
Chapter VIII transfixed
Florida,John·Paul is a farmer,In addition to cows and horses on his farm,And a group of chickens。
Different from the batch-produced broilers in the farm,This is john·The chicken-raising method Paul learned from the Chinese,Those Chinese people call this flock of chickens raised in the pasture as walking chicken,They like to buy and eat。
John·Paul’s local chicken,Very popular in Chinatown in the city,And these Chinese people seem to be getting richer,Never care about the price。
This morning,John·Paul as usual,Before coming to the chicken coop,Open the cage,Plan to put the chickens out for food。
But this time,He found something wrong。
Because the chickens in the chicken coop are all shaking,Huddled together。