“I just can’t afford to repair the car,Promised to listen to Wang Shuai for three years。Do you want to pay the money??I can’t afford to use another method?What’s wrong with me doing this?”A series of rhetorical questions,It’s also for the reason he thought it was so plausible。

Chen Wenjin listen,But only as a transparent person,As long as there is no conflict,He doesn’t mix。
“……you are right,Then count me wrong!good or not?It’s my fault!I can’t bear to be a slave with you,I can’t accept my boyfriend as a slave to others!So i’m sorry you,I can only break up with you!It’s my fault!Is it done?”Xiaoyu feels nothing to say,Abao does something like that,Still so confident,A person has no self-esteem,What else can she say?She doesn’t bother to argue with Abao,Break up,it is necessary,Abao feels reasonable,She admits that it was her fault!
“Fucking!Xiaoyu you himXIs playing with me?I’m so good to you!If you want?Start as you want!You treat me stupid?”Leopard is angry,There have been countless ways of revenge in my mind。
“Leopard,You really refreshed my view of shame,I didn’t know that people can be so unreasonable,So shameless!You are so embarrassed that you really feel right?And said I played you?”Xiaoyu was almost angrily speechless,She just felt that she was blind in the past,I would find someone like Abao as my boyfriend?Just like him,Also equipped?Even be her ordinary friends,She feels sick!
“I’m playing with you?Then i ask you——We change location,Can you accept me as a dog for others?Would you feel ashamed??Will you break up unbearably??Don’t say you can’t!You still have a bit of shame,You should remember how you treated peach,Why do you look down on peaches!You look down on her like Taozi,You are a dog yourself,But still think I should accept?I should be humiliated with you?Is there something wrong with you!My parents raised me like a treasure,Give me good food and good use,Love me, spoil me, never hit me,But I don’t know how to love myself,I want to be called a dog with you?”
Chen Wenjin wasn’t surprised Xiaoyu said that,People who don’t lack love generally have this characteristic,Although not all can think so clearly,But they follow this rule when making choices and judgments。
“Don’t make excuses!You are because of this rubbish!”Abao stared at the wood angrily。
“After i broke up with you,I hope I can be with the wood.!but,I broke up with you,Because you are willing to fall,Shameless enough!If you only shirk the responsibility to others,Don’t know my problem at all,Then I have nothing to say!But you threaten,Intimidation,I’m not afraid of you,I also have a clear conscience!Even if I tell my parents,I can be confident!It’s impossible for me to stay with you,Because i am human,Can’t be with the dog。I’m done,I don’t want to say anything else to Abao,Can’t reason with him,Nothing to say。”The little fish meets Abao’s gaze,Ask again:“Say what you have to say,Please go out after talking,We start now,Not even friends,Because i look down on someone like you,It’s impossible to be friends!”
“it is good!Small fish,You are so amazing,well——”Leopard looking at the little fish,I can see that there is no room for her attitude,He stared at the wood fiercely and said:“You don’t have to be proud!You just picked up the old shoes I wore!When you do it, don’t forget that she had my stuff in her mouth and body!and also,Be careful when going out——”
“What a scumbag!”Shivering like a fish,She doesn’t mind wood knowing,She didn’t intend to hide it,But Abao said such things in person so maliciously,It is clearly disgusting wood on purpose,Disgusting her!Xiaoyu only thinks,What a bad character this is!
Abao opens the door,Left angrily。
Chen Wenjin is also out,Shut the door easily。
Xiao Xiao asked a little worried:“Leopard is okay?It was scary just now,Leopard came up and started directly,As if to kill。”
“Nothing,I will persuade。”Chen Wenjin went to Abao’s room by himself,Knocked on the door and said:“it’s me。”
“Door unlocked。”Abao’s voice doesn’t sound fierce。