Chen Pinxing is no exception,Then he took a breath。

Because he saw his wife and daughter,And the kid who caused the disaster。
Over,Over!This time it’s completely over!
Chen Pinxing was sweating all over,I can’t help but tremble all over。
Seeing the serious expression of the leader,I know cadres of this age,Young and vigorous,No sand in the eyes,It’s worth being laughed at in public?He can swallow this breath?
Chief Gu is dumbfounded,He also didn’t expect,Why did a few idlers suddenly appear,Dare to interrupt and gossip,And I have to be heard by the leaders。
Now,All the officials present were dumbfounded。
If the big leader gets angry,None of them can please,It was originally a good thing to show up in front of the leader,How could it be like this?
Chen Pinxing is hiding in the crowd,When he looked at Lu Menglin’s mother and son,I’m almost breathing fire。
Aunt Liu was also stunned,She hasn’t reacted yet,Lu Menglin, this kid is pretty good all the way,Why are you talking nonsense in front of the big leader??
Seeing the big leader’s gloomy face,Strode towards the side of the hall,Everyone else panicked,Had to bite the bullet to keep up。
In fact, there is only less than five meters between the two people,Just walk a few steps to get close,Otherwise, I wouldn’t be heard。
At this moment,Chen Qing’s hands and feet are numb,Obviously watched the heroic leader walk over,But I just can’t brave the courage。
She wants to explain a few words,My lips moved slightly,But after all, I still dare not speak。
Aunt Liu only realized then,She slammed Lu Menglin’s hand,With a stern face, I’m going to take the troublemaker away。
have to say,At this critical moment,Aunt Liu is still awesome,She acted more responsible than her husband and daughter。
And she thought very simple,Just take Lu Menglin away first,The other party has no goal to vent,It’s not easy to happen naturally。
This pulling action,It’s Aunt Liu’s behavior to protect her family,It is also an instinctive protection of Lu Menglin,Afraid of him being hurt。
Lu Menglin is as thin as a hair,I can naturally understand Aunt Liu’s action,But it made him have a completely opposite impression of his vain friend。
really,Human nature is a prismatic polyhedron,You can’t easily label people!