Cangluan and Qinglong advanced from growth to adulthood!

Its cultivation base is skyrocketing,And it’s very easy to cross the Jun level,Is approaching the middle rank!!
First430chapter Raise a dragon,A lot of fun
Middle monarch!
Cangluan Qinglong’s cultivation base has reached the middle rank,And obviously there is a trend of upward breakthrough。
Of course, its cultivation base just finished advanced is still a bit unstable,Need more spiritual resources to help it。
Fortunately, I wish Minglang had already prepared enough resources。
He not only bought the spirit pebbles,I also received a few copies of Zhen Fei Ye,Just these few jade-like leaves cost 500,000 gold。
After all, it’s a king-level spiritual creature,The price is really outrageous。
But as long as the cultivation base of Cangluan Qinglong can rise steadily,It’s worth it。
Cangluan and Qinglong are now in adulthood,After getting rid of the broken dragon,It will have another chance to advance。
And the higher the cultivation level reached in adulthood,Cangluan Qinglong enters the next stage, the greater the increase。
The middle monarch is obviously not the limit of Cangluan Qinglong,It can move towards the upper monarch!
of course,Even if it’s only a middle-ranked monarch,Cangluan Qinglong should also have extremely terrifying combat effectiveness,Its blood is higher,Also masters more powerful spells,Before the lower main level, it can compete with the upper main attack。
Therefore, the cultivation base of the middle monarch does not represent the full strength of Cangluan Qinglong!
Except Zhenfeiye,Zhu Minglang is also spending a lot of money to purchase Luan Dragon Soul Orbs。
Soul orbs are the most important spiritual object used to enhance the dragon pet’s cultivation,Zhu Minglang is actually considering,If you can’t get the soul orb of the Dragon of Luan and Phoenix,He gave Xiao Qingzhuo the 25,000-year-old Soul Orb of the Sea Eagle Emperor。