“Pity,There is no so-called swordsmanship in this world!”

Leo is very sorry。
The so-called swordsmanship in this world is actually murder,How to kill,How powerful is it。
There is no systematic routine。
For example, the legendary Tai Chi sword technique of Leo’s previous life。
There is nothing in this world。
May also be difficult to play,After all, everyone is tough,Too many skills are worthless。
and so,Leo can only practice hacking repeatedly。
Extend the power of simple various positions to the extreme,At the same time, the capacity of the knife is perfectly controlled。
The goal of the swordsman is,While smashing the mountains with a single knife, you must be able to say that slashing your cold hair will never hurt your skin.。
“Blood Shadow Slash!”
An instant,Leo is divided into eight,Eight Leo slashed in one direction at the same time。
Eight sword lights only cause one attack effect。
“No way,Too much consumption!”The slash that Leo launched just now is naturally a slash that combines his surgical fruit displacement ability and swordsmanship.。