“I,I am very hard to have Master.,I am afraid that I wake up the next day.,Everything is fake,Master,Can I really sleep with you??”

Say,The tears in Yun Qin is even more,As if the next second,As long as the North Section said‘Do not’Character,You can get directly。
Xiaobi brother is too safe.!This little face is bunable,His heart hurts。
never mind,The age is still small。At once,Break out?!
and,Two bed quilt,Nothing。
“Only once,Do not take。”
Finish,North Picture,Close the door,Open the quilt bed,I also lying in my quilt.。
Yun Qin listened to tears,His a smile on the face,As if I just want to cry,Not her own。
Waiting for the north to enter the quilt,Yunqin moved his body board,Loach slides into the quilt in the North,The little body has a post to the north,Tightly hugged the arm of the North Sea, I don’t want to release it.。
It’s too warm and,Do you have!!!
This is called‘Heater’what!!!
If you don’t have your own small http://www.allxin.cn shortcoming,She must take directly to the waist!
Ice small body is close,Soft seems to kill body touch and temperature,It is passed to the thin clothing.,Let the northern chase discomfort stiffness。
“Master,You warm your body.!”Yunqin is sigh from the heart。
Milky voice,Let the North return to God,Slightly alleviate the end of the strange touch。
Xiaobi’s body temperature is really cold,I want to be a side effect of cold poison。
Think,Northern Shimi,Arm,Put the Yunqin’s little body, and hold it in his arms.。
“Sleep,Warm and hug。”
It seems that he will help the little apprentice to solve the cold.!
Suddenly hug,As if the whole person is surrounded by a warm furnace,Yunqin is comfortable and closed and closed his eyes.。
Whee,this‘Master’Body is still very‘honest’One!knowledge‘care’Apprentice!
http://www.gaihb.cn At this time, the North Sea is not known.,Our compromise,It means that there are countless compromises in the future。
When I came back to God,The behavior of Yunqin Bed,There is only a favor and conjunction.。
The next morning,Yunqin sleeps very comfortable from the North King Bed。
After wearing clothes,I consciously put the two beds of the bed stacked up.,and,There is no intention of moving your own quilt back to your room.。
Eat‘fruit’breakfast,Yunqin followed the northern Picture,Leading a thick quilt,Let’s make a few sets of shoked clothes.,Footwear。
Yunqin’s medicinality is fast
NS306chapter Master06
Finished quilt,In the North Character, I fill in Yunqin’s name with Yunqin.,Leading the identity jade card。
this means,Since then,Yun Qin,Is the apprentice in the northern。
All the way,Seeing the North Picture Holding a small doll of two feet out,That turn ratio,Don’t mention how high。
Double disciples,Looking at the column of stupid hitting column,的 的,Take unstable things that are unstable,That scene,That is a grand event.。
As for why Yunqin is held by the North Picture,Instead of being held by the North Point,It is necessary to benefit from Yunqin.。
Next big,The North Indictive is even more than I want to hold Yunqin.,Or Yun Qin sells Mengbao,Extended Patient Baba,Soft and hard,Only let the North Point directly hold her down.。