This little sister in Yinzhou, who is living in Ningbo is praised by the whole network.

  On the morning of November 12th, the short video of Ningbo Yinzhou, a large number of garbage, and the launch of the lady. " One before, a black white, the move of the two cars has formed a distinct contrast.

After many netizens saw the video, they have condemned the owners of the former car, and they also like the lady of the launch. On the 12th, the reporter contacted the lady of the driver.

"I just followed this black car, I was very angry when I saw it." Miss Zhu said that at the time, the road was very clean, after the black car threw the garbage, she moved forward, her The car stopped next to the garbage, "It is also afraid that the sanitation workers come to the middle of the road to pick up garbage, there is danger.

"There is no much thinking, Miss Zhu opened the door and put the garbage on his car. .

"Miss Zhu is Jiangsu Nantong, has been working in Ningbo for many years, usually often participating in social welfare activities. The reporter learned from the Ningbo Yinzhou Traffic Police Brigade, the incident occurred at noon on November 6, afterwards, the Zhangzhou traffic police brigade found the former car After the driver, he was criticized and educated him, and he was fined 200 yuan to the illegal act of throwing items to the road.