Meditation, a good way to extend your life

Meditation, a good way to extend your life

One of the most important methods of yoga practice is meditation.

I believe that friends who have had this kind of practice know that meditation and meditation is actually a very enjoyable practice, because during meditation, we will feel that the whole soul is so peaceful.

So comfortable.

  Meditation meditation is a method of physiological relaxation.

A new study shows that meditation can reduce mortality by a quarter.

Elderly people with mild hypertension can reduce the risk of dying for various reasons by 23% if they practice meditation meditation.

The results of this study have been published in the American Journal of Cardiology.

  Researchers conducted multiple experiments on 202 elderly people over 18 years. Some of the study subjects practiced meditation meditation while others practiced progressive muscle relaxation and other methods.

In the group practicing meditation meditation, heart disease deaths were reduced by 30% and cancer deaths were reduced by 49%.

Although the number of people surveyed is small, preliminary results suggest that interventions that effectively reduce stress can reduce mortality.

  Previous research has found that meditation can reduce stress hormone levels and blood pressure.

This study shows that the end result of these physical and psychological changes is prolonged life.

  Practicing yoga can also extend your life.

This is still scientifically certified!

So we must not let go of yoga as a good exercise.

Let our life get more beneficial things from it.