“I once fell off a cliff once,Escaped from death,I believe Ding Yan will be fine too,Believe in the legends of people around you,Legends are generally not groundless,If you can,I also want to jump down and experience it。”Ding Ke looked into the distance and said,“People die,Death is also a relief。”

Tian Lu said,“You can’t despise life,You have to think about those who live for you。”
Unexpectedly, Ding Kelan Chaotianlu turned a gorgeous turn,Jump down,Who knows,A force lifted Ding Kelan back to the ground。
First264chapter Line of defense
“Don’t~!”Tian Lu shouted again,Ran forward and held him tightly regardless of his identity,Said nervously:“I don’t want you to die,Ye Xingkong saved you,You can’t let him down。”
“what do you mean,You like Ye Xingkong,Think of me as Ye Xingkong?”Ding Kelan gritted his teeth suddenly,Said with a jealous look。
“No,You are you,He is him。”Tian Lu denied。
“Really?”Ding Ke’s blue eyes revealed a joy,No president。
Face rhetorical question,Tian Lu shed tears anxiously and sadly。
“I know you like me,I already knew,It’s just that I’m not sure if you think of me as Ye Xingkong or me。”Ding Kelan finally told the truth。
“It turns out that you are very strange to me,keep distance,Always mind this matter?”Tian Lu’s voice is a little bit crying,Choked。
“if not?”Ding Kelan asked,Then I pulled a thread on the handle ring。Keep saying:“Just jumped off the cliff,In fact, I tied it to my hand with a rope,One tied to the wheel,Don’t think of me so differently.can。”
Tian Lu was surprised and happy,Men are bad,It turned out to be a thrilling action he played just now,Is to challenge myself,Also to show Tian Lu,“test”Tian Lu。
A small move,Achieve both goals,Smiled badly at Tian Lu again。
“and also,One thing i’m sure is,Ding Yan must have a good life in another place,I feel,This is pretty sure,And live very well。”Ding Kelan has a confident look。
“How can you sense,Is it a nightmare??”After Tian Lu got acquainted with him,No longer verbally weak,But what comes to mind,selectXingSpeak boldly。
“Women’s instincts are mostly right,My induction is also,I do not know why either,Maybe the accident of falling to the bottom of the cliff,Plus the energy Harry gave me,Maybe it’s blood related to Ding Yan,In order to sense。otherwise,I won’t be so happy。Previously unclear,It’s getting clearer now。”Ding Kelan said。
Coming soon8:00Law enforcement officers finally arrived,East View、West View,Conclusion given:“We have filed,I will notify you if there is news。”
she thinks,Since the law enforcement agency responded like this,Probably there is a real answer,In money,Who can be sloppy“money”word,Ding Keran sent enough money,What I heard should be enough truth。