Although he also participated in the War of Resistance Against the Qing Dynasty,But Hu Yang doesn’t have a slight affection for this person,I won’t admit what he contributed。

Like Cao Cao,Maybe he is a great politician、Male master,But Populus really doesn’t like him,Everyone who slaughtered the city,Lost humanity,That can’t be said to be human。
As for the Qing army,The number of massacres is even more,It is also one of the important reasons why many people do not have a good impression of the Qing Dynasty。
Li Zicheng has the typical hard-working Chinese peasants,Creative and other advantages,There is also farmer consciousness,Xiaofu is safe,Disadvantages of shortsightedness。The former led to his success,The latter led to his rapid defeat after success。
After knowing this,Everyone just suddenly,No wonder,His seal needs to be sealed。
indeed,Once discovered in ancient times,The consequences are very serious。and so,I know this is a treasure,Still no one dared to take it out。
“Isn’t that very valuable?”Ye Mei asked。
“Auction words,Millions are easy,Ten million is not difficult, right!This jade,Itself is a rare good jade,Plus carving,And historical significance。”Hu Yang said。
I can only say that Xu Hong is fast,Otherwise, this treasure won’t fall into his hands。
Xu Hong naturally understands this,And it’s not Populus,He will never find that there is a seal in the copper seal,The benefits of following Populus euphratica will come。
Ye Mei feels like she and the multi-millionaire just passed by,She can afford 100,000 yuan now!
If her hands were faster in front,Maybe you won’t have to work for the rest of your life,Lie down for a lifetime。Don’t say she feels a pity,It’s Huazai、Qi Hongye and the others are also full of regrets!
Hu Yang told Xu Hong:“Brother Xu,It’s better to give this seal to the auction house,Hype this aspect,They are best at,Only the auction house can maximize its value。of course,If you want to collect,Then say otherwise。
Li Zicheng is a more self-disciplined person,Compared to other rebels,He is OK,So he didn’t leave much,There is room for appreciation。”
Unlike Zhang Xianzhong,Just gold and silver jewelry,Just sink to the bottom of the river?Those are the private wealth he plundered。
Till now,Everyone has not fully confirmed,Has the gold and silver jewelry that Zhang Xianzhong sank into the river bottom been salvaged?。
“understand,understand!I won’t do anything for the time being,Don’t worry about spending money。”Xu Hong said cheerfully。