Because at this time, if you choose to squat,,It’s like giving all the vitals to the other party。

It is foolish to leave the back to the enemy during a fight,However, the more stupid thing is to squat down and fight,Can’t even escape。
What’s more, the other side has two helpers,If Lu Menglin chooses to squat,May be able to temporarily avoid the twisting neck killer,But if the other party has other subsequent changes,Plus the other two savages attacked on both sides at the same time,His ending is only to drink hate on the spot。
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Chapter 538 Martial arts
really,The other two savages worked well together,One left and one right,Roll forward at the same time,Attacked Lu Menglin。
These three savages have actually practiced the combined attack,Close cooperation between the three,Thoroughbred。
Grab the deadly big hands above your head,Seeing that the fingertips are about to touch Lu Menglin’s head。
Lu Menglin suddenly stopped drinking,While shaking my whole body,The roots of the hair on the head stand up,This is the real rush for the crown。
Gang Jin uses the scalp to close the hair follicles,Lasing along the tip of the hair。
The savage hangs upside down in mid-air,No help,My hands touched Lu Menglin’s hair,It seems to be inserted into a hot oil pan,So hot that he shrank with lightning,The whole person immediately lost his focus,No matter how difficult it is to maintain balance,Flew straight out。
Lu Menglin sighed,Open lunge,Both fists out,Gang lasing。
boom!boom!I heard two muffled noises。
Two savages who just rolled around and wanted to pick up cheap,A face hit by Lu Menglin’s right fist,Fall back on the spot,No sound。
The other hit the head with a fist,Smashed into the body by Gang Jin,Kneel down,Seven orifices bleeding,I can’t live anymore。
After Lu Menglin shot these two fists,,A hard kick,The body shoots out like an arrow,Come first,Actually caught up with the savage who fell to the ground from mid-air。
Iron Knees crashed down,Heavy hammer,Hit the savage’s chest。
Click!No matter how strong the savage is,,Can’t stop this heavy blow,Broken sternum on the spot,One piece of sunken chest,Hummed twice,I won’t move soon。