Xiao Fan looked at Lin Yuner’s contented look,I felt sweet again in my heart。

After a while,Xiao Fan and Lin Yun’er are almost full。
“Yoona,Did you hug?”Xiao Fan asked。
“Ok!Xiao Fan,It’s really delicious here。”Lin Yuner said to Xiao Fan contentedly。
“That is natural,but,If you even like it again,We can only come this time。”Xiao Fan said。
“why?”Lin Yoona asked unclearly。
What is the reason?,Where can I only come to eat once in a restaurant??
Since it is a restaurant,Then it must be for the purpose of making money。
but,How about this place let Xiao Fan say,Has become such a special place!
Not only the decoration style is full of fairy spirit,Even the waiters are fairies,and,More exaggerated is,This huge restaurant has only one table for eating,This is too weird。
“Xiao Fan,Why is it like this here?!”Lin Yuner asked。
“Because this is the rule here,Only a couple of couples are served here every day,and,Only once in a lifetime,so,This is our first time dining here,It’s the last time to dine here。”Xiao Fan explained。
“but,I like the things here so much,If I still want to eat,What should I do?”Lin Yuner asked Xiao Fandao embarrassedly。
“Unless something?Xiao Fan,Tell me quickly,Don’t sell it!”When Lin Yuner heard about this, there was a turning point,Came immediately,Look at Xiao Fan’s hesitation,I feel even more anxious。
Xiao Fan looked at Lin Yun’er in a hurry,I felt helpless in my heart。
My little woman,Everything is really good,It’s this anxious temper,She can’t change what she said。