It exists to simply prevent them from moving forward,Even back。

What’s more terrifying is that this power can even block the black devil energy,So as they move forward,The surrounding black devil energy is gradually decreasing,So as to reveal the original face here。
The sword marks criss-crossing on both sides seem to be the source of this power,Every step,You will feel the scene from the battle in these sword marks。
Chapter VIII Jian Chen
How can I resist this sword intent,I’m afraid they won’t work with them now,Did you really give up like this??
Xia Chenglong thought of this baby,Take it out quickly,When the sword intent is transmitted inside,The token itself emits a burst of light,Forcibly rebound this force back。
“Oops,Long brother,Why didn’t you think of it?”
Quoting Tutu is extremely self-blame,How to say I also hold the title of the smartest person in the mainland,I didn’t even think of this。
“You have no sword intent,Naturally unexpected,I can’t even think of it,With your sword intent, I’m afraid I can’t even hold two breaths。”
This is the truth。
But okay,Everything goes well。
The two speed up,Walked for about an hour,The road around has become a lot empty,And it’s pretty bright here,It didn’t affect their sight before。
“Long brother,look!”