“Ok!What do you think,You can talk to Chen Gui,After all, living together for so many years,Don’t need to divorce because of this!”Wang Youcai said and smiled。

Meizi took a breath and said:“look,Our vegetable shed in Xiping Village will be completed soon。I heard Zhao Hong say that day,Once the project is completed,Immediately,Leveling soil。Work in the village,You can get money,Second, you can still take care of your home,You said you don’t do this kind of work,What do you have to do in the city??”
“Yes indeed!I think Meizi is right,No problem。I don’t know what you think?”Wang Youcai said,Lightly patted Chen Gui on the shoulder。
Chen Gui glanced at Wang Youcai,He lowered his voice and said:“Chen Feng told me,Now i am a temporary worker,But after working for a long time, it will become more positive,I just picture this”
“Hahahaha!”Wang Youcai listened,I couldn’t help laughing。
Meizi snorted coldly:“You just daydream!Many formal workers are being laid off,Chen Feng gave you ecstasy soup, right?!”
“I didn’t mean you Chen Gui,You are really inferior to your wife Meizi in this respect。Turn?Make some money when you’re young。I see!Don’t do it, your assistant,Come back and work in the village!If you go in early,Zhao Hong might give you a team leader or something”Wang Youcai said,Haha laughed。
Chen Gui squatted on the ground again,He thought for a while and said:“Row!Then I’ll go tell them today,Bring my luggage back by the way,I won’t do this job”
“OK!Then go with me”Wang Youcai said coldly。
Meizi stole a wink at Wang Youcai,She said loudly to Chen Gui:“Go and boil some water,Make tea for Boss Wang。He said all morning about this mess of our house,You are so sorry”
Chen Gui responded,Really ran into the kitchen。Wait for him to go,Meizi went to Wang Youcai’s side,She lowered her voice and said:“Chen Gui is home,I’ll go out,I still want to go back to you”
“Good horses don’t eat grass,You still don’t go back to harm”Wang Youcai lowered his voice,Said with a smile。
Meizi, this woman is so bold,When she saw Wang Youcai, she didn’t agree to her,A forward pounce,Hugged Wang Youcai fiercely,Laughing and coquettish。
This frightened Wang Youcai,He busy whispered:“You let me go,I promise you,But this matter will be discussed later,Or Chen Gui would doubt us”
Meizi is overjoyed,He pinched Wang Youcai’s arm severely。This woman’s madness scared Wang Youcai a bit,He ran out of the house in a hurry,I’m afraid that if you get entangled with plum like this。
Chen Gui boiled a pot of water in the kitchen and brought it up,Wang Youcai just took two sips symbolically,And said loudly to Chen Gui:“I’m waiting for you in the village car,Hurry over“