The grand meeting witnesses the first China "Cenino Award" on June 18th awards on June 18th.

On June 18, 2021, the first China "Artists Award" Wenchuang Design Competition Awards Ceremony and "Good Design · Good Arts" winning work show, copyright docking will be held in Zhejiang Provincial Wenchuang Industrial Innovation Services Complex. Wang Shuqin, chairman of the China Pen, the Standing Committee of the Beilun District Committee of Ningbo, Gong Guowen, Minister of Propaganda, Zhang Haihang, China, China "Cenino Award", and Shi Zhenhong, Betfa Group Co., Ltd. Director Chang Qiu Zhi Ming, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Xiamen Wen Guang Media Group, General Manager Lin Ruosong and other leaders and guests attended the awards ceremony.

The winners of this contest were got awarded the award, the silver award and the winning award, and left the honorary of these design new stars. Their work will be exhibited on the release of the winning works.

After the award ceremony, the organizing committee also held the Chinese "Centers Award" design copyright investment docking meeting, boosting design concepts landed. China’s "Cenon Award" is hosted by China Stylist, Ningbo Beilun District People’s Government, Zhejiang Provincial Wenchuang Industrial Innovation Service Suggers, Xiamen Wen Guang Media Group and Beafa Group, aimed at responding to international domestic double cycles The new development pattern, excavating the potential of domestic and foreign market demand, and converts design innovation into new advantages of international cooperation.

The first China "Artists Award" Wenchuang Design Competition launched on November 20, 202, until April 20, 2021, the selection of 148 days, totaling from China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, UK, Italy, Malaysia, Germany, China Hong Kong, China Taiwan and other 8898 participating works. On April 20, 2021, after 6 online reviews of 6 international reviews, the first China "Artists Award" selection results were announced, and finally 100 pieces of works stood out, respectively, the gold medal, the silver award and the winners.

These three award winners will share millions of bonuses, and the Gold Awards will also be awarded the gold medal trophy designed by Mr. Dirkschumann, Germany.

At the award ceremony, Mr. Dirkschumann also introduced his design concept and interpreted the design of this trophy. Wang Shuqin, Chairman of China Pen Association and Dean, Professor, Professor, and China Industrial Design Teaching Committee of Hunan University, and the Chinese Industrial Design Teaching Committee.