Academician Xue Kun, a Chinese Academy of Sciences, will attend 2021

Academician Xue Kun, Chinese Academy of Sciences. As an internationally renowned experimental physicist, Xue Qun’s main research direction is the scanning tunnel microscope, surface physics, self-propelled electronics, topological insulation quantity and high temperature superconductivity. Xue School is a well-known scientist in the field of China’s condensed physics. He has been evaluated by the Nobel Prize winner Yang Zhenning as "China’s laboratory for the first time and published Nobel Prize in China. Physical thesis.

On October 16, 2020, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China held a twenty-four collective learning on the "Quantum Science Research and Application Prospect". On May 11, Guiyang City, the relevant leaders took the team to Shenzhen to call the Academician of Xue Qun, invited Xue Academician to attend the opening ceremony of the 2021 Bo, and the two sides were held on the total preparations and opening agenda of the 2021 exchange. communication.

Xue School said that I am very happy to be invited to participate in the 2021 population, and you can go to Guizhou to witness the era of the big data. He believes that now, Guizhou has gradually become innovative and developed, and the future development is huge! Finally, Xue Qun’s academician confirmed the opening ceremony of the 2021 population and won the "quantum technology" direction.

Since 2015, China International Data Industry Expo has gathered global guests, common development, sharing the latest achievements, and gradually grows into international event, world-class platforms.

2021 Sublims with "Nuha Variety New" as the theme, focusing the forefront, is committed to win – win, surrounding the latest technological innovation and achievements in big data, adopting the online-changing ways to fusion, organize "for a while, one Exhibition, a release, contest and series activities.

At the same time, the "2021 Expo" "2021 Expo Cloud Network Platform" will be built on the online propagation, online exhibition, business negotiation, online forum, guest show, etc., realizing 365 days "Cloud Conference" "Cloud Exhibition" To create a number of cases that never end.

Source: Duo Executive Committee (Editor: Wu Feng, Chen Kangqing).