Dajiangdong ︱ Shanghai Enterprise seizes the digital new track to master the final opportunity

CCB smart teller machine can handle the public. Construction Bank Financial Science and Technology Subsidiary – Jixin Financial Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is based on the "New Finance" strategy and "new generation" system as the core, using artificial intelligence, block chain, cloud computing, big data, quantum calculation and other forefront Technology, in the field of basic technology, industry applications, consultants, digital operations, etc., successfully constructed core competencies of maturity and system financial technology.

At present, Jianxin Jinke builds "Beidou Qixing" 7 basic technical platform, built a safe and controllable financial grade technology base, has a number of financial application capabilities and multiple social solutions, and has a composite of business + technology. Type expert consulting consultant, Internet marketing capacity and platform-type operational capabilities, help construction banks, enunnabate, service governments, and society.

In recent years, the state has attached great importance to the modernization of the management of governance system and governance. Jianxin Jinke encompasses the "financial + technology" transformation and development, to create a full-matter, full process, full coverage, The "one-stop" smart government comprehensive service platform, solving the difficulty of government governance, social development plus point, and the people pay attention to hotspots.

Around Shanghai "One Netcom" government service brand construction, relying on the financial science and technology development capabilities of Jianxin Jinke, the construction bank has become the first bank embedded in the outlet channel. Work together to unlock the future artificial intelligence application new blueprint epidemic prevention and control, the era, the digital economy should be the re-emergence of the open source and the heavy economy.

"Tenth Five-Year Plan" emphasizes to give full play to massive data and enrich the application scenario advantage, promote digital technology and physical economic depth, and empower traditional industrial transformation and upgrading.

Today, the data has become a new type of production factor, digital construction has been widely spread across the country, providing basic support from the laboratory to large-scale commercial applications for artificial intelligence.

"Information technology is shifting from ‘exhaustive’ to ‘reasoning’ transformation. Based on AI powerful learning ability, in different scenarios, experts have successfully solved practical problems. In the next 50 years, although universal artificial intelligence Realization, but technology is in-depth in various industries, and the ultimate application is feasible.

What we need is not ‘big and complete’ universal intelligence concept, but a one that can be used, easy to use ‘API’.

"The founder and CEO CEO of letter technology" said.

In the whole, the industry-digital transformation and upgrading of the industry, technology companies must do their best in the "research", and strive to become the "wind direction" of the business. Walk through the industry’s industry, the industry is urgently needed to introduce the technical solution of depth, to solve the bottleneck of efficiency, human cost, and decision-making accuracy. What is the way to use artificial intelligence technology to help the industry use your data, allowing technology to serve all walks of life.

For example, for the development of the Internet age development, a head joint-stock bank hopes to introduce artificial intelligence technology in the marketing link to create a "best user experience bank". In the financial app, the content of life is required, and the migration of life elements in the financial system is needed. It reflects the actual life demand in the financial system. This is very highly tested for big data processing capabilities and the business abstraction ability behind technology.

Credit Artificial Intelligence Technology Deep excavation of implicit associations behind massive data, helps business to make refined operations, provide users with precision push, realize the presence of "content ie shelf", become the first financial knowledge map technology application Technologies in the scene of life. The project launched the first bank app to explore the demand for daily life in the financial platform, and give the user better experience with mobile Internet, realize the goal of the bank "user change customers", and is also a letter ‘API’ intelligent decision brain help. The industry is inspired by the industry. Shanghai ‘s economic digital transition trend is zooman.

Digital transformation greatly enhances global research and development and operation management efficiency of enterprises, grasping digital opportunities, will grasp the charm in the future.

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