Daxing: The case is the case of Jian Ji to promote the defense line

  "As the secretary of the town party committee, I will do the responsibility of the first responsible person, and the trust of the party members and cadres, dare to manage, long tube, and effectively create a good political ecology.

"Said the secretary of the party committee of Huangcun Town, Daxing District, said. Recently, Daxing District held" the case as the case to make a case "warning education conference.

The conference played three warning education films such as "Building" Tomb "" "Alarm Bell Changming – Daxing District Subject to Violation of illegal Cases", and the violation of the violations in the film is shocking, and it is deep and provincial party members. The cadres rang the alarm. Zhou Li Yun, secretary of the District Party Committee, requires party organizations at all levels to warn the education conference as mirror, control problems, and repeat three, self-examination, and do a good job in rectification.

Party members and cadres at all levels should learn from the case, reflect on reflection, leading to the ring, the alarm bell Changming. All units in the whole district quickly set off the learning boom. The District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission opened up the "Daxing Yongcheng" column of the "Daxing and Lone Generation" column of the WeChat public account. A part of the work responsibilities, talking about the specific initiative of the next step, and "use the case as the principle, and the case", "

  This year, Daxing District held a four-year warning education conference, through profound analysis of the violations of laws and discipline, insisting on educating people around us, through the case as the principle, and tried to the party members and cadres The alarm bell, the bright red light, and the unswerving advancement is comprehensive from the strict treatment of the party. (Text / Lu Qin Qian Qi / Guo Yi).