Brazilian archaeologists found that the new dinosaur species were named "Berstarf Dinosaur is more than 70 million years ago."

Brazilian archaeologist local time November 18 announced a dinosaur fossil found in the southern Balana to live in a new dinosaur species in the middle of the Cretaceous in the middle of the Cretaceous discipline from now on, and scientists named this new species. Berthasauraaleopoldinae.

According to reports, this recovered dinosaur fossil length is between meters to 1 meter, belonging to the carnion or misstant dinosaur. Most dinosaur fossils found in Brazil can be divided into two major categories: lizard feet dinosaur and beast feet dinosaurs.

Bessa is an important part of the beast-feet dinosaurs, which belongs to the Cretaceous discipline. The fossil is excavated in an archaeological action in 2011 to 2014. Kelina, the Brazilian National Museum, participated in the excavation operation, said: This dinosaur fossil includes a full skull, chin, spine, chest strap and pelvic belt and the remains of the forelife and the post-body part, which makes Brazil have become Brazil. One of the most complete dinosaur fossils found. According to the archaeologists of new species, in the past 10 years, they have collected dozens of dinosaur fossils in Balahat, among which The new species announced this year is the second dinosaury that can be confirmed in the region.

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