So-called hero shortness,In other words。

Half an hour later,Tortured Qiao Tianyu“Dress up ceremony”Finally over,Michelle is radiant after changing clothes,Restored the fresh and beautiful style of the old days。
However, the whole process has suffered, Qiao Tianyu,In the end, Qiao still couldn’t hold back in time,The whole part of the pants can’t help but get wet,Michelle couldn’t stand up with a smile。
Finally Michelle went to the hotel business district to buy a new outfit for Qiao Tianyu,Let Qiao Tianyu put it on,Otherwise, classmate Qiao would be so embarrassed to see people。
After Qiao Tianyu’s dressing up,,To avoid embarrassment,Qiao Tianyu hurriedly called Michelle to do business。
And Michelle seems to enjoy the process of teasing Qiao Tianyu,After coming out of the room, I kept walking in front of Qiao Tianyu,Vigorously twisting her attractive waist,Thought to myself。
“Small,This time I won’t take you down in the British Virgin Islands,I’ve been for nothing all my life!”
And looking at Michelle’s crazy buttock,Qiao Tianyu is on fire again,Make up your mind。
“If you dare to tease me again,Next time I don’t do it and you’ll be blamed.”
First0407chapter secretary
From the hotel,Qiao Tianyu immediately got rid of the confusion just now,Put all your thoughts into the current complicated situation in the British Virgin Islands。
As Qiao Tianyu said just now,in case“Blue Fox Light”Everything in the bar was arranged by the teacher Mr. Wu Wenjie,That shows that the situation has reached a point of tension,Mr. Wu, who was behind bars, had to take action。
Time does not wait,At this moment Qiao Tianyu can’t wait any longer,He must find a way to immediately connect with Mr. Wu Wenjie,Discuss the great cause of retreating with the mentor!
So after coming out of the hotel,Qiao Tianyu drove Michelle’s Mercedes Benz off-road vehicle,After a lot of speed and speed,Came downstairs to another upscale hotel not far from the beach hotel。
Looking at this hotel without any special security measures,Michelle dumbfounded,Didn’t it mean that Mr. Wu Wenjie was imprisoned?,What are they doing in this upscale hotel?
Qiao Tianyu didn’t explain much,After parking, I took Michelle upstairs,Came to the presidential suite on the top floor of the hotel。
seriously,At this moment Michelle feels a little nervous,You know Wu Wenjie is Qiao Tianyu’s master,Qiao Tianyu has already reached the point of being a fairy painting,How can Wu Wenjie be invincible??