Ground troops gushing from all directions began to shrink the encirclement,Using those off-road tanks as a cover,The infantry slowly advanced,Their mission has changed from killing the target to capturing the remaining ones,Especially the great warlord from the Golden Triangle,Obviously an extremely valuable existence。

now,There are only three elite fighters around Liu Niu’er,They obey orders,Protect Su Yi behind the rock,But it’s already gone,The water is exhausted。
“Is it over??Lao Tzu,I’m not reconciled!”The red light flashes in Liu Niuer’s eyes,Slowly press the muzzle in your hand to your chin,Smiled sadly。
He thought he had made a lot of money with Venerable Lu this time,Don’t know how to make a mistake,Lose all,Not only lost the elite,Even the old life will be lost here。
Liu Niu’er knows very well,In your own sensitive identity,If it falls into the enemy’s hands,Will only suffer,Life is better than death,So he was going to follow Venerable Lu。
Just when Liu Niu’er was about to pull the trigger,The last moment,He raised his head and looked into the air,Looking at that nasty cobra helicopter。
If it wasn’t for this ghost to affect the situation,Just relying on the ground troops may not be able to drive them to the point where the mountains and rivers are exhausted,Maybe as long as the Venerable pierce through and kill,Can defeat them。
“what?”Liu Niu’er suddenly let out a cry of surprise,Because his eyesight is under the influence of the secret medicine power,Sight Qijia,So I can see a scene that everyone present has never noticed。
I saw under the cabin of that damn Cobra helicopter,Where to hang the rocket,There is a figure lying steadily on it。
The height of the helicopter from the ground is at least 30 meters,How can anyone post it?
if so,Then the identity of this person is ready to be revealed!
Liu Niuer’s eyes show strange light,I feel like drinking a big pot of honey,It’s always sweet to the bottom of my heart。
The man lying on the helicopter ammunition bay is Lu Menglin,He was gasping for breath,Adjust breath,Physical recovery。
The scene just now was really thrilling,It’s really a very creative idea。
Between life and death,Separated by a line。
When Lu Menglin exploded the two rockets in advance with the air column,Under the cover of explosion and smoke,Hold on,All of the life potential is stimulated at once,Raised his hand and shot a super air thread spanning a distance of 30 feet。
This toad fishing string is extremely strong,Through the blast created by the explosion,Firmly stuck to the bottom of the helicopter。
then,Lu Menglin used this super air thread as a fulcrum,Take the opportunity to swing a big swing in the sky。
Rocket explosion,The generated air waves and smoke are too loud,Everyone’s attention is drawn to that,Plus the distance,So no one noticed that Lu Menglin’s figure flashed by in the smoke,Firmly stuck to the helicopter。