Get the exact reply of Li Hui Feng,Qin Su Ya is moving, I don’t know what to say.。

“breeze,Do you really like a nephew??”
I’m definitely like it.,The nephew is so beautiful, I don’t like it.。”
Li Hui said, while saying the money to Qin Su Ya.。
And this time,Wang Jing is also coming out,Seeing Li Hui’s hand holding Qin Su Ya,It’s hard to look at the face。
“breeze,Go home to eat。”
I heard my mother called eating.,Li Hui Feng immediately called Qin Su Ya。
“Little Ya,Let’s come in and eat together.!”
“what!Can’t,Can’t,I’m going back,breeze,My sister will remember what you said today.。”
After saying the money, I also turned to Li Hui and turned away.。
Looking at the figure of Qin Su Ya Na Na,Li Hui Feng looked at the two hundred dollars in his hand feel that his feelings between Qin Su Ya seems to have some changes.。
“What is it??
People are gone。”
Wang Jing directly took Li with the wind’s ear to enter the door.。
“Oops,pain,Mom hurts hurts.,Don’t take it,I will drop it again.。”
I heard Li Hui’s words,Wang Jing is not angry.。
Spend a bigger bigger。
“Stinky boy,Don’t you tell me, is you with the little widow??
This is only a few days, you will go with others.?”
“mom,You think too much,how could it be possible?
I just looked at her or pitiful to help her.。”
Li Hui Feng said that this is always feeling that it is a bit no pain.。
Help with her?
I see is to help my feelings.,Just now she looks at your eyes, a woman is almost given away by the eyes.,Nizi is obviously interested in you.,You said,How many women have you made after you come back??”
The eighth chapter of the tree seedlings are all pulled out.
“Forehead,No one is?,Where is I have time to provoke a woman??”
“Humph,People Miao Miao said that they must marry you.,The village chief daughter Yingying said that you look at people.,I have never been able to ask you.,You can fell,Little widow, you actually have provoked,You tell me that you are preparing to marry?”
I asked Wang Jing.,Li Hui’s whole person is all.。
“mom,If you say this, you can justify it.,I am now ready to develop wasteland.,Then make money to continue to study。”
go to school?
What learning?”