The eighth-level monster is the master of this jungle!Although we rely on the number of wolf monsters, we are not too afraid,They won’t break their skin and go to war with us,But was expelled,It doesn’t feel good to be snatched away。

But soon,Our wolf clan also appeared an eighth-level beast,Not born locally,But a wind wolf from outside,Although it is very old,But the strength is extremely strong,We wolf monsters gathered under his command,I am happy and sad。
Happy,We wolf monsters finally have a backbone,No need to fear other eighth-level monsters。Sadly,Although the wolf king is old,But still not afraid of meat and vegetables,Even if it’s our Yalang clan girl,All too。。。。Leave it alone。
But still so,He is also a respectable wolf king!Until the morning three days ago。
It was a morning when the weather was a bit wet,I was awakened by my men while I was still asleep,Then i know,Cub of the Wolf King,Probably some of my descendants,Killed by humans。
Actually it’s not a big deal,The wolves only need to be responsible for the people living with them,As for other people,If it’s not a large-scale killing,It’s just dozens of common things—–Those eighth-level monsters will not easily kill a seventh-level monster like me,But the lower wolf beast,Hunt,Be killed,That’s all very normal!
Even his own cub,As long as you leave your wolves,Then not“Tribe”!What’s the revenge!
I heard it was killed by humans?so what,Will we kill fewer humans??I knew from a very young age,Kill for survival,For food,Not revenge for shit。
This old guy,Actually let those weak people go to search the territory of other powerful monsters,Didn’t he know that this would kill many of his fellow clan?That’s all。This morning,He even killed the raptor!
I really saw the dead,Before he entered the jungle,Our wolf clan’s seven-level beasts will only be expelled,Those eight-level monsters will not kill us for no reason.!why?first,There are checks and balances between us,More than twenty seven-level wolf monsters together,These eight-level monsters themselves can’t compete head-on,Second come,We also have foreign enemies in the jungle,Any seven-level monster is a very precious combat power。
But this old guy,Actually killed the Velociraptor for ridiculous reasons like venting anger。Broke the check and balance with the green dragon!
How many of our people will die in this conflict!But that’s it,I still have to follow his orders,To find the human who killed his cub。
I’m not lucky,Just very wise,I guess that cunning human will find a way to leave the jungle of the valley,Outside this valley,There is nothing we can do。So I am stuck on the only way out of the valley。
quickly,Only two days,That cunning human being blocked by me。
My men,“Wailing”Rushed up to deal with this human,I am also happy to see it happen,After all, this person does not seem to be too strong,Not much different from them,Five to one should be no problem。
I don’t like meaningless killings,But catching this human can eliminate the anger of that old guy,Just get rid of the anger of the old guy,Find a way to fool the proud green dragon that stays in the lair all day,Maybe this conflict can be avoided,The people will not die because of it。
Damn,did not think of,This human being may not be strong,But unexpectedly determined and fierce,Totally disregarding defense,Relying on the power that seems to be called magic。He quickly killed three of my five men,And i didn’t even have time to stop。
But that’s it,He himself was seriously injured,Obviously killing three six-level monsters is almost the limit for him。Even the remaining two guys can easily kill him,But those two idiots were shocked by him,Dare not attack at all。
Although at first I didn’t feel bad about this damn human being,But dare to kill my people,Then must die!
Humph,This stupid human is like me, I rushed over!Doesn’t he have a difference in strength?,I’ll fulfill you if I die!