Anhui Province promulgated to strengthen the "five types of talents" in large rural talents

Rustic revitalization, key in people. A few days ago, the Office of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government Office issued the "Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Revitalization of Rural Talents", requiring rural talents as an important task for implementing rural resolution strategy, accelerating the development of agricultural production and operation, rural two-three industries, countryside "Five types of talents" such as public services, rural governance, and agricultural rural science and technology.

According to the proposal, by 2025, the province will basically build a policy framework for rural talents. Basically, the number of rural talents, the rural talents, the quality and excellent quality, and preliminarily meet the basic needs of the implementing rural resolution strategy.

In terms of agricultural production and operation talents, focus on strengthening high-quality peasants and new agricultural operating subjects to take the leaders. In terms of rural second-tech industry development talents, we must cultivate rural entrepreneurship innovation leaders, rural e-commerce talents and rural craftsons, build migrant workers’ labor export brands, and 2025 training in Anhui Name snacks, no less than 50,000 people. In terms of rural public service talents, opinions emphasize to strengthen rural teachers, rural health and health talents, rural cultural tourism talent teams and rural planning construction talent team construction.

In terms of rural governance talents, we will focus on strengthening the township party and government talents, the construction of the village party organization leadership, implementing the "one-village college students" talent training project, strengthen the rural social work talents and rural management talents, legal talents team Construction. In terms of agricultural rural science and technology talents, it is required to cultivate agricultural rural high-tech leaders, agricultural rural science and technology innovation talents, agricultural rural science and technology promotion talents, and develop science and technology specialists.

It is emphasized that the role of all kinds of subjects in rural talents will be given to improve the cultivation system of higher education talents, accelerate the development of vocational education for rural areas, relying on the party schools (Administrative College) to develop grassroots party organization cadres, support enterprises to participate Country talent training.

Establish and improve the revitalization of rural talents. (Reporter History).