Chen Hui, Chairman of the East Yi Sunsheng Group: Enterprises should improve efficiency for market injection continuous supply

  Xinhua Net Hainan Boao December 6th (Wang Daying) December 4-5, Xinhua Net, Xinhua News Center, China Economic Information Society, China Wealth Media Group, Xinhua News Agency, Xinhua Daily Telecommunications 2020 Chinese companies Boao Forum held in Hainan Boao.

Chen Hui, chairman of the East Yi Sunsheng Group said in an interview that the development of the company has completed the development of the country, followed by the stroning of the country, grasping the development opportunity, is the fundamental of the enterprise base industry.

  Chen Hui believes that domestic circulation has brought a huge consumer market, and it is also necessary for enterprises to improve efficiency and give a continuous supply of market source.

In the current digitization, enterprises improve efficiency, and continuously develop and strengthen the blessing and digging of technology. Use digital means to improve efficiency, in order to enhance the autonomy, sustainability, enhanced toughness of enterprises, and maintain the smooth and healthy development of enterprises. Entrepreneurs are not only leaders who lead to enterprises, but also the grand vision of industry development and industrial innovation. Chen Hui said that Dong Yi Japan actively responded to national policies, incorporates new development patterns, and builds home consumption ecotrial construction, and leads the new era of "Science and Technology Ecological Reform" in the new business model.

He pointed out that Dong Yi Japan has accelerating the world-class ecological brand, while giving global users "decorating a beautiful space, building a happy life", high-quality innovation promotes high-quality development in high quality innovation, realizing new development patterns As a new idea for the high-quality development of China’s family installation industry, expand new tracks, leading new development.

  Dong Yi Ri Sheng insisted on supporting digital transformation and technological innovation as a strategic support. In 23 years, Dongyi Japan has always walked on the fast lane in development. The most critical factors are the technical leadership of Dongyi Sunsheng, which is the fast acceptance and transformation of digital, technology, intelligence, and improve efficiency by continuously upgrading itself. , Ultimately enhance the quality of life of consumers.

"Chen Hui said. Chinese Enterprise Boao Forum has successfully held four consecutive high-end exchange platforms, and has become the theme of" promoting entrepreneurship, integrating new development pattern ", and analyzes the current China. The economic situation, in-depth interpretation of the new development pattern, explore the development path of enterprises, and create new advantages in the future.