15 massage methods to help you maintain health and prevent cancer

15 massage methods to help you maintain health and prevent cancer

Tumours, Chinese medicine believes that the evil qi is stagnant and becomes a tangible mass, which belongs to “accumulation” in ancient Chinese medicine books.

The occurrence and development can be attributed to the internal qi deficiency, qi stagnation, blood stasis, sputum knots, wet accumulation, heat poisoning and other tangles, and the accumulated over time becomes a visible mass.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that this process is mostly related to liver, spleen, and kidney dysfunction in the five internal organs. Among them, the main liver is drained, and the ventilator is adjusted.The spleen is the source of qi and blood biochemistry, and it is the source of the day after tomorrow; the kidney is the essence of the congenital essence.”The spleen and kidney function is normal, and the evil qi such as qi, blood, phlegm, dampness, poison, etc. cannot invade the human body.

Therefore, it is of great significance to prevent the occurrence and development of tumors by regulating the functions of liver, spleen and kidney in the daily health process.

After that, we will introduce several simple and easy sports massage methods that can regulate the liver, strengthen the spleen and kidney.


Calyx teeth have the effects of refreshing the brain, regenerating the teeth and strengthening the kidney, strengthening the spleen and stomach.

Specific method: Before waking up in the morning, meditation for a while, mouth closed gently, upper and lower incisor teeth 36 times, and then acupoint molars 36 times.


Motou has the functions of smooth governing, reconciling yin and yang, relieving wind and pain, strengthening brain and protecting hair.

Specific method: Two hands and five fingers flexed, push 40-50 times from the forehead along the top of the head to the pillow, like combing hair; use one finger end to rub from the forehead to the back of the neck 3 to 5 times;Gently tap the top of the head; hold the hair with both hands and shake upwards 3 to 5 times; place the thumbs of the two hands on the jade pillow acupoints, do 20 to 30 horizontal presses, and then press the acupuncture points 3 to 5 times;Cross your fingers, hug the occipital bone, and press the palms of the palms tightly and loosely for 10 to 20 times.


Stirring the sea has the effects of Shengjin Guyi Yishen, cleans the mouth, and prevents indigestion.

Specific method: The front part of the tongue is upturned to resist the outer edge of the upper gingival, and then turn to the left upper molar, the left lower molar, the lower incisor, the right upper molar, and the right lower molar tartar, so that the tongue is stirred around the gums, and the operation is performed 5 times.


Drumming has the effect of helping digestion, strengthening the spleen and stomach, and improving the immune function of the digestive tract.

Specific method: first stir the sea to increase the fluid in the mouth, gently close your mouth and bite your teeth, use your cheeks and tongue to perform mouthwashing movements, and rinse more than 30 times.

When the mouth is rinsed, the fluid in the mouth gradually increases. When the mouth is full, three mouths slowly swallow.


Mingtian Drum ① Fold the auricles back and forth with the palms of the two hands first, and then press the earholes tightly. Forefingers and middle fingers of both hands take turns tapping the windchi at the lower part of the occipital bone 20 to 30 times.Suddenly lift it off after pressing the ear hole. Repeated opening and closing 10 to 20 times can refresh the mind and relieve fatigue; ③ Insert the index finger of both hands into the ear hole and rotate it 3 times, and then pull it out suddenly. Repeat this 3 to 5 times to clear the liver.Xiehuo, Jieyu Sanjie; ④ rub the palms of both hands 20 to 30 times at the same time, the flexion of the index finger of both hands with the second knuckle friction wheel 20 to 30 times, can clear the meridians, reconcile organs and prevent pain in the limbs; ⑤ index fingers of both handsPress the fingernails on the upper and lower auricles at the same time 10 to 20 times, and then press the earnail cavity 10 to 20 times. Use both thumbs and forefingers to pull down a pair of earlobe 20 to 30 times at the same time, and then upwardLifting the ear wheel 20 to 30 times can clear the meridians, reconcile qi and blood, and nourish the kidney and brain.


Chest pat has the function of smooth ventilator, soothe the nerves, relieve lungs and qi, and relieve cough and phlegm.

Specific method: Use one hand to make a virtual palm, spread your five fingers, stun with your palm, alternately operate with your left and right hands, and take 10 shots each.


Rubbing the abdomen has the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach.

Specific method: First, move the four fingers except the thumb together with your right hand, rub the middle crotch, and make a rotating movement 20-30 times in the direction, and then press the left hand 20-30 times.


The umbilical wheel has the effects of warming off Yang and strengthening the body, and strengthening the essence.

Method: Use the palm of the left hand to stick the umbilicus, press the back of the left hand with the right hand, and rotate both hands clockwise for 100 to 200 times.


Shugandan has the effects of stagnation of liver and biliary, stagnation of qi and stagnation, and reconciliation.

Method: Put your four fingers together, press on the left groin, and squeeze your abdomen 20-30 times clockwise with your right hand.


Rubbing the abdomen has the effect of relieving liver and regulating qi, nourishing kidney and replenishing essence.

Method: Hold the small fish between both hands close to the sides of the navel and rub it up and down in the direction of the groin, 30 to 40 times, with fever as the degree.


The abdomen has the function of strengthening the body, strengthening the spleen and stomach, and strengthening the body.

Method: The right palm is pressed against the abdomen for 30 times in a clockwise direction, and the left palm is pressed against the abdomen for 30 times in a counterclockwise direction. This is repeated 5 times.

Lumbar Gong ① Knead with two hands first and then press the Shenshu point tightly, and then knead it down to the coccyx for a while, then gently rub both hands up and down 50 to 100 times, which can reconcile qi and blood, dredge meridians and channels,Bushen Yijing; ② With both hands on hips, press the waist and eyes tightly with the thumb surface, do rotation and kneading (preferably acid swelling), you can warm through the cold, reconcile the internal organs; ③ press the right palm on the Mingmen acupoint, do up and downExercise 20 to 30 times can nourish the kidney and strengthen the body and prolong life.

Ji Zhou has the effect of nourishing yin and lowering fire, nourishing kidney and strengthening waist.

Methods: contract the anus, tighten the anus during inhalation, relax during exhalation, and retract once for 50 times in a row.


Cao Yongquan has the functions of igniting the fire, nourishing yin and yang, anyang ningzhi, and promoting blood circulation.

Method: Rub the right Yongquan with your left hand, and then rub the left Yongquan with your right hand, 100 times each; or use your thumb to rub the Yongquan points 20-30 times.

  Tip These massage methods can choose one or two according to each person’s specific situation.

In addition, as some patients have reduced mobility and increased contact with society, they often experience emotional and psychological problems such as excessive anxiety and irritability. The long-term accumulation of these disease problems will also affect the function of the viscera and cause diseases (including tumors).

Therefore, on the basis of massage and health during the period, you can cooperate with the vitality (static work) to exercise your mind and breath, so as to adjust your physiology, clear the meridians, smooth Qi and blood, coordinate viscera, and achieve self-improvement of Jingqi.