“Fang Gongzi,My girl is ignorant,Don’t be angry,”Liu Chunlan saw that her girl turned down Fang Zixuan’s proposal,She quickly helped Fang Zixuan。

Fang Zixuan got up and patted his knee,Put away the ring,Then looked at Liu Chunlan and said:“aunt,I am sincere to Yoona,Even if she is divorced,I will treat her like someone who got married for the first time。”
“I know,I will get rid of that mental illness sooner or later,”Liu Chunlan smiled and said to Fang Zixuan。
Lin Yuner took Xiao Fan back to her room,She immediately let go of Xiao Fan’s hand somewhat angrily。
“You’re angry?”Xiao Fan asked Lin Yuner。
Lin Yoona doesn’t know what Xiao Fan thinks,Does this guy consider himself a wife?,Everyone proposed to him in front of him。
“Why were you not angry just now?”Lin Yuna said coldly。
“Why am i angry?”Xiao Fan looked at Lin Yoona and said:“I know you won’t divorce me!”
“Xiao Fan,If you do,I might really be unable to hold on,Divorced you,”Lin Yuner looked at Xiao Fan helplessly and said,Now my company is facing desperation,Only Fang can save her company,So when it comes to last resort,She can only marry Fang Zixuan。
“I said it the night we got married,No matter what this world,As long as you want,I can give it to you,”Xiao Fan whispered to Lin Yuner。
Xiao Fan kept silent and didn’t help Lin Yoona,Because this woman has never spoken,If she speaks,Xiao Fan will not remain silent。
Lin Yoona knew that Xiao Fan was talking big,He has nothing,Never worked,What can i give myself?I can’t even give myself the least sense of security。
“I don’t beg you for anything else,Just ask you,Look like a husband,”Lin Yoona got up and went to her grandma’s room,And Xiao Fan’s mouth finally evoked a smile,She finally convinced herself,It’s not as cold as it has always been。
Yoona Lin helped her grandma Xu Fang to the chief position and sat down,Xiao Fan also sat aside,Today’s Xu Fang is wearing a red Tang suit,Looks very festive,And her old face is full of joyful smile。
“grandmother,How are you doing?”Lin Yuner looked at Xu Fang and asked。
Xu Fang patted Lin Yoona’s hand,Said:“Grandma’s health couldn’t be better,Do not worry!”