The most obvious signs are,I have always trained diligent gods,Actually a holiday three days!

Everyone must go home to see it with his family.,Do not stay for the military camp,Never stay in person。This is very puzzled。
When the army is doing this,It is the army to go to the distance,It is estimated that I will return to Yucheng for a long time.,So let the soldiers say goodbye to family,So as not to see for a long time,I don’t remember what my parents have a long?。
As for the relationship,Wedding,Have a good job, no work,Want to take this opportunity,Why are you doing?。
So in the city,This time Gao Bi will not go to Luoyang.,But I will go to Fuyang.。As for what to go to Fuyang,unknown。
This news has been eye-catching,Like some“Insider”Talk,Coupled with the weird movement of the gods,Make people feel。
In the strong opposition of Yang Wei and others,After all, it is not already set to the capital of the city.,Instead, the skin is held。
Scenic and Han people,It is also from Gao Huanfa,Qualified enough,Ability is known as good at defense,So all parties go to him,I have not proposed any objection。
This day night,Skills and watching Gao Bo Yi“written”Their Romance of the Three Kingdoms,Just see“Sima Yi vacation is not an epilepsy”This chapter。
If he is thinking in his heart,After the book,Sitting in front of the oil lamp。
Reality,It is often a history of repeat,And people can learn from history,Just get a lesson。A familiar routine is staged,Direct people sigh。
Scenic and a long sigh,He also tastes why you can serve as the city of Yucheng.?Gao family’s people want to move,Is going to do things?。Gao Bao is now doing,Not obvious??
Why is there anyone who is not a heart of the Yellow River??
Scenic and originally synonymous,Now it seems,Seems to each other“consciousness”,More than him,This is also very good, it is。
Originally it can be the emperor,Uncle,Even emperor。Now,Just become a fish on the chopping board,Change it to you,Even if you can’t resist,Don’t you struggle??
“Alang,Someone is looking for you,Say it is your old friend。”
The voice of the old servant outside the study door。
Old friend?
Skills and facial slight convulsions。Old friends will come to the night to visit??Be dead“Old friend”Bar!
“Please come in.。”
Skills and weak swing hands,Who is he guess?。
Take a short while,“Old friend”Come in,No skin and description,It is Yongan Wang Hudu。
Although called“Yong’an Wang”Yongan is a place name,But the scenery and feel that it is not awkward.,Even very“active”。
Probably the child of Gao Huan,Now there is not much climate,Upon,High-tech。He does not stand up,It is also true that no one can stand up.。
In front of Zhao Yan,Gao Yi wear,Get your own dirty,In addition to hidden,There are also ingredients that Zhao Yan cry to complain.。
But this set,Obviously, can not be used in the skin and body。Warsemen is very practical,And they can’t afford those weak people.。This is why Gao Baoyi clearly,But very military reasons。
The martial arts in this era,Don’t you pay attention to you?,How,How。Even your personal force,They will not be particularly concerned。
Battlefield,One person lives to the top,The role that can play is also very limited。
The only thing they care,But you can win them with them!
Can win,Then you are amazing.,You have no glory,Even the location,I can also sit on one。
This is the rule of the times。
Gao Yan is undoubtedly knowing this,then there is not“Unmarried”,But wearing a prince“Black dragon”Clothes,Just not inlaid on the sleeves。Northern Emperor’s lobe is red
Very formal a pair。