Xiao Jun, but looked at the computer.:“Uncle Europe,You see here。”

Ou Jing, slightly bending, watching a video,Is a man in the fire passage of the nightclub in Gu Yi,,Hand your money to a waiter’s picture。
Men’s low head,I can’t see his facial features。
He is slightly eyebrow,road:“If you want to give tip,I will not choose here.,And this person is very familiar,Where did I have seen it??”
Lu Haocheng walked over and saw,This person has some eyes。
“This person is……Xu Jinghe。”Lu Haocheng looked at the man’s figure,It is Xu Jinghe’s no mistake.,Although I have seen it once,But will not remember。
He is outside the door,Xu Jinghe,This is very similar。
Ou Jing looked at him,“you sure?”
Lu Hao Cheng:“Um!You screenshot to Lin Ye,Let Lin Ye look at,Yesterday, Xu Jinghe left the apartment.,Is it wearing this dress。”
“it is good!”Ou Jing nodded。
Xiaojun immediately screenshot,Send photos on mobile phones in Europe。
European,I am very open to send a photo of Lin Ye,A minute later,Lin Ye sent a photo of Lin Ye left other apartment。
And a friend on the video,The clothes wearing are actually exactly the same.。
European:“Is him right?。”
Lu Hao Cheng’s proud Junqi appeared in a slight,“It is absolutely not coincidence here.。Let Lin Ye to find this waiter,Action is fast。”
Ou Jingzhen shook his head:“I am afraid that I am going to find this waiter.。”
Lu Haocheng looked at him,The bottom is rolling with terrible emotions:“Since you go to work here,There will be ID card information,Let Linn,Even,Also find this waiter to find me。”
“it is good!”Ou Jing nodded,This waiter,It is the only clue.。
He bowed news to Lin Ye。
Blue Xin looked at them and found some clues.,A slight breath。
Blue Xin called and comforted Mom and Dad,I went home after a family and Ou Jing.。
Blue Xin has been sleeping in the car.。
Lu Haoheng and Blue Lujun have no noisy,Turn her back to sleep。
Lu Haocheng looked at her to sleep,Only back to the living room。
Mu Qing and Yi Nianqi also heard about Gu Yi’s news,The two are waiting for them.。
Lu Haoge back to the living room,Mu Qing can’t help but ask:“Ah Cheng,What is the matter of memory??”
Lu Haozheng is sitting on the sofa。
Mu Qing him poured a cup of hot water,Lu Haocheng said a little:“Yi Dad,Mother,Some tricky this matter,Now is checking。”
Yi Tianqi eyebrows look at him:“Gu Yi is so straightforward,Should not do this。”
Lu Hao nodded,“He may be framed by people.,But now you must find evidence。”
“Oh!”Easy Tianqi appeared rare anger,“Reason?Legal reason。”
Lu Haozheng shook his head,Surprised laugh:“Yi Dad,Want to know the reason,Just wait!”