Dry skin in late autumn?


Teach you three actions to restore delicate skin

Dry skin in late autumn?
Teach you three actions to restore delicate skin

In the fall, three young and always-moving movements 1 step on the face and say this method, I think many people will be very puzzled, can you keep your face young?

Most people are full of doubts inside!

Today, let Xiaobian take you to understand the magical effect of mastering the face!

Before going to bed at night, we lay in bed, listening to music, and then began to make a natural beauty spa on the face!

First of all, first put your hands together and heat up, be sure to rub your hands hard, let the heat of your hands be higher, and then quickly put the hot hand on your body, so that you can pass the hand to the body, so that the face feels veryComfortable.

The most important thing is that because our face has many important health meridians, when the hot hands are on the face, it will moisturize the meridians of the face, thus enhancing the activity of these meridians.

At the same time, the cells of the face are active, making the skin elastic.

And the hot hands contain a kind of beauty that can be exchanged when the face is covered with both hands.

Because the wet bladder will quickly produce the special effects of hand protection, so that the face is not easy to nourish wrinkles, while the palm is not easy to appear keratin, let us maintain a young skin.

In addition, in order to achieve a better cosmetic skin care effect, we can also pour a few drops of essential oil on the hand when carrying out the hand, and let the skin care factor in the essential oil be more effective by holding the wet state of the face.Enter the face to achieve the magical effect of deep nourishing and moisturizing.

This method of applying a face by hand is simple and effective. It can be done before going to bed at night. It is also a wonderful way to wake up the sleeping skin when you wake up in the morning.

However, when you apply your face with your hands, remember to apply it to your body when you are not hot. Always apply your face for about 3 minutes, and make sure your hands are clean.In order to prevent bacteria from entering the pores of the face, causing the expected acne.

2 often press Sanyinjiao before going to bed at night, we can massage this position to reset the 3-inch position on the foot, and the Sanyinjiao point slightly behind the leg bones. This is the magical “not old hole” where our body stays young and not old.

Especially female comrades, every month will always encounter the coming of the holiday, but some women will often have symptoms of irregular menstruation, which is the cause of acne, wrinkles and dark spots in women.The culprit leading to female aging!

Especially in the dry season of autumn, people’s internal secretion system is affected, resulting in disorder disorders.

Therefore, for this special period, we can massage Sanyinjiao every night, massage each of the three legs of the Sanyin for about 10 minutes, which can be very hungry to prevent abnormal menstruation, thus alleviating the occurrence of acne and wrinkles on the face.For maintaining youth, there is a magical effect against aging.

However, it is necessary to insist on massaging Sanyinjiao, not to fish for three days, and to dry the net for two days, so that it does not have any effect.

3 Massage underarm armpits is a maintenance part that we often neglect. It is not known that massage armpits can help people to delay aging, and it is also an important means of preventing disease.

The autumn weather is very cold. Therefore, most people choose to watch TV dramas at home instead of going out to exercise at night. Therefore, people’s body cells are often in a state of inhibition, which is very unhealthy for their health.

Then, we do not hinder the frequent clogging under the arm, which can well activate the lymph nodes under the armpit, which plays an important role in regulating blood and delaying aging.

When the massage is under the arm, it can promote the smooth return of the whole body blood, so that the body can better harvest more nutrients and oxygen, and at the same time promote the sensitivity of various organs of the body.

We can use our wrists to push our fingers and rhythmically massage the lower arms of the arms. It usually takes about 3 minutes. Remember that the strength of the hands must not be too heavy, so that the points under the arms will beThere is a hurt effect.

And there is an important acupoint in our arm socket – the pole spring hole, therefore, the massage of the armpit can also be well inserted into the massage of the Quanquan point, which plays a very good effect on the circulation of blood and the acupoints.

This is also a health-care purpose that stimulates the body’s righteousness and achieves longevity.

Conclusion: Autumn is a key period for health care skin care. The above three small and medium-sized editors recommend three small methods that can better fight the aging problem of the skin. Every day, if you insist on doing it, you can achieve a good anti-aging effect.Let you be young and 20 years old!