The four sectors of the Central Propaganda Department of the China Group issued a notice request to learn from Zhang Fuxi

This newspaper Beijing July 2 (Reporter Sheng Ruo Wei) In order to conscientiously study the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, the Central Leading Comrade, recently, the Central Organization Department, the Central Propaganda Department, the Detailed Military Affairs Department, the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission Principal "Notice on the Learning of Comrade Zhang Fuxing". The notice pointed out that the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping fully affirmed the advanced deeds of Zhang Fuxing, profoundly pointing out the ideological quality and spiritual realm of the Communists of the new era, fully reflecting the respect of the Party Central Committee and Care, Care. Equipped with the majority of party members, cadres, military officers and soldiers and retired soldiers do not forget the initial heart, keep in mind the mission, performance, and dedication. Notice indicates that Comrade Zhang Fuxi is a great party member who has always practiced communist lofty ideals. It is the new era of the Chinese Communists who don’t forget the initiality, keep in mind the mission, and always struggle. The majority of party members, cadres, military officers and soldiers and retired military learning .

The majority of party members, cadres, military officers and men, and retired soldiers must learn from Comrade Zhang Fuxing. Learn he stood in the initial heart, the political character of the party is always remained in the lofty faith, and resolutely listening to the party’s words, always follow the party, consciously use the Chinese characteristic socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in the new era, truly "the party refers to where, Where to "," I need me to go, I will go "; learn that he is indifferent, the spiritual quality of the dedication, always maintains a simple and pure, doing the Mensus, selfless, forget me, in the motherland It is necessary to struggle, work hard, hard work, create performance, create performance; learn his dedication, take the pragmatic style of the mission, do a line to love a line, brave the heavier burden, dare to knew the hardest bones, At the critical moment and the critical juncture, you will have the power of the revolutionary ideals, and the power of the revolution is the power of action; learn that he is honest and self-defeating, the high-end sentiment of the husband, Qing Qing, is doing a clean and clean, and consciously practice the Communist Party. Values, always maintain the political nature of the Communists.

The notice requires that the party organizations at all levels should use the advanced professions of Zhang Fuxi as a "unforgettable, remember the mission" theme education. Combined with the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, carefully organize arrangements, education to motivate the majority of party members, cadres, The military officers and soldiers and retirement soldiers firmly believe, improve political quality, really grasp the trunk, pioneering and enterprising, weigh weight, attacking hard, keeping only a good fortune, struggling to struggle, and more difficult, more struggle, Strive to do qualified party members, at the time, create excellent performance, benefiting people.

The notice emphasizes that the party committee (Party group) Theoretical study center group must learn to implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping. Leading cadres at all levels must take the lead in learning Zhang Fuxi, the advanced deeds, take the initiative to put themselves, put the responsibilities, contact the actual situation , Review the gap between themselves, continuously improve party spirit, improve work style, courageous to act as, strive to create performance, people, and historical test.

The grassroots party organization must rely on the "three sessions", the theme party, etc., organize party members to carry out special learning exchanges, education to guide party members with advanced typical benchmarks, learn advanced, advanced, strive for advanced, doing their job, service dedication Social and other aspects play a pioneer model role. The decommissioned military affairs departments at all levels should combine "to pay tribute to the hero", organize the retired military representatives to participate in the symposium, talk about the experience of learning, and encourage the retired military personnel to be examples of Zhang Fuxing, and do not leave the party, retreat.

The People’s Liberation Army and the Armed Police Force should be intended to learn Zhang Fuxi’s advanced deeds into the "inheritance of red gene, responsible for the heavy army" theme education, telling hero’s stories, learning excellent tradition, and carry out "I strive, I am wonderful" position, Incentives, I motivate the majority of officers and men to firmly The love party newspaper is the national condition, and strive to be "four" new era revolutionary soldiers, consciously involved strong military industry, dedication to the era of strong military. "People’s Daily" (July 03, 2019).