Want to lose weight by not eating dinner?

Health experts: not necessarily good, except for these 3 people

Want to lose weight by not eating dinner?
Health experts: not necessarily good, except for these 3 people

The incidence of various diseases is increasing, and many people have begun to pay attention to health.

However, there are many ways to maintain health. Some people start to eat vegetarian food, and some people choose not to eat dinner.

In fact, many people’s health methods are not necessarily correct. The practice of vegetarian diet is not very good. If you are vegetarian for a long time, it is difficult to achieve reasonable diet and often increase more health risks.

The way of keeping up without dinner also makes it impossible for many people in life to accept it. It will make people more susceptible to obesity. In the end, they will inevitably be unable to control their mouths. Even if they can control the night, they will not eat, but during the day.The amount of food will increase, but it will make you more and more fat.

Therefore, for people who want to lose weight and are growing up, it is not recommended to lose weight by not eating dinner.

Do you have to have dinner?

The answer is not absolute. The following three categories of people are not suitable for dinner.

1, people who sleep at 9 o’clock in the evening, can not eat dinner: Some people rest very early, sleep every night from 1 to 9 o’clock, some people can not eat dinner.

Because if you only have dinner at 7 or 8 o’clock, you will go to bed at 9 o’clock. Before going to bed, the stomach is still in a digestive state, which will be detrimental to the quality of sleep at night, resulting in excessive accumulation of light in the body and it is difficult to be consumed.

In this case, you can put lunch later, enrich your choice of ingredients, be good for your health, improve the efficiency of fat loss, and not easily gain weight.

After you wake up, prepare yourself a rich and nutritious breakfast.

2, people who only have lunch in the afternoon, can not eat dinner: some people because of work reasons, such as the restaurant staff, etc., should be eating at noon, it is the busiest time, so lunch can not follow otherWhen people eat at the time, they will miss the lunch time and eat lunch in the afternoon.

For those who are in this situation, if there is no obvious sense of drought during the dinner, consider not eating dinner and avoiding excessive replacement.

3, people who can’t exercise before going to sleep, can not eat dinner: If the daily exercise schedule is in the morning, then in the whole day, you can choose to have a rich lunch, then eat healthy snacks such as nuts in the afternoon, yogurt, if there is no conversion in the evening, you can consume the exercise, dinner can be considered not to eat.

In this way, the whole-day arrangement is also healthy, and there is no need to worry too much about not having a bad influence on physical health.

However, if the above three kinds of situations do not meet the friends, it is ok to eat a light diet at a moderate amount.