My boyfriend forced me to swallow birth control pills in person

My boyfriend forced me to swallow birth control pills in person

Introduction: She took the contraceptive pill twice for her boyfriend, and was unwilling to take it twice. The boyfriend forced her to eat it. Does such a boyfriend want it?

  I took the contraceptive pill twice for him, and the difference in time was 4 months.

I did n’t want to eat it for the first time, he said; do n’t eat it if you ‘re not afraid of the crowd, and he fed it to me.

Then the menstruation was advanced 9 days, and my stomach was uncomfortable.

So I thought, I will never take this medicine again, and he promised me that I would not let me take it anymore, for my health.

After listening, I was very touched.

  But just yesterday, we didn’t have any protective measures. It was my ovulation period. I felt pregnant. I asked him what to do?

He said: Take medicine!

At that time, I ignored him. I secretly wiped tears, and my heart was upset.

In the evening, he bought the medicine back, and I was very reluctant to eat it. When he fed me, I didn’t take it.

He said he was wrong.

Tucked into my mouth, I didn’t swallow for a long time, no way?

What can I do?

I ate, and then I whispered in bed.

I got online in the middle of the night and didn’t want to sleep.

My movement was very small, but it was still noisy to him.

Then he said, “What do you want!

You woman can’t stand it.

“I ignored him.

After a while, I went to sleep.

When he got up in the morning, he didn’t say a few words, he went to work.

  Will I be pregnant in the future?

If I can’t get pregnant in the future, I won’t let him go.

I’m so scared now. I’m really scared. I want to break up with him.

This hurts my body, such a man is not worth my love.

  Please give some suggestions!

What should I do!