Parents need to know how to care for newborns in autumn

Parents need to know how to care for newborns in autumn

How to care for newborns in autumn?

As autumn approaches, temperatures begin to fall, autumn baby care is more important, and daily care for newborn babies is seriously intensified.

High and low estimates of “extreme” are often accompanied by numerous nursing problems.


The proper room conditions for nursing a newborn baby should be kept at about 24 ℃.

If the temperature is too high, it may cause the newborn’s body temperature to rise and fever (dehydration fever).

At this time, the baby should be properly hydrated in time.

If the room temperature does not reach 20 ° C, the nose of the newborn may be blocked, and more severely, “scleredema”, that is, the small face is red and red, but it feels particularly hard to touch.

Low room temperature is not good for the health of the newborn. At this time, you should try to increase the indoor temperature and place the warm water bag outside the baby’s quilt (or sleeping bag). Don’t stay close to the baby and let the small environment warm up.Okay.


The “thin clothing method” used to care for newborn babies is covered by the ancients. “It should be learned from autumn.” It is emphasized that the habit of “thin clothing” should be developed from autumn, slowly adapt, and then add a little clothes in winter.

Is it appropriate for babies to wear 1 more than adults?
2 pieces of clothing, preferably not sweating.

Wear a piece of underwear for your baby, a sweater or a cotton jacket.

  The quilt (or wrap) should not be too tight or too tight. It should be loose and appropriate.


Keeping the belly warm is where the spleen and stomach are. Keeping the belly warm is protecting the spleen and stomach.

Children often have insufficient spleen and stomach. When cold air directly stimulates the abdomen, the child will have stomach pain, which will damage the function of the spleen and stomach, prevent the spleen and stomach from functioning normally and stably, affect the digestion and absorption of breast milk, and cannot effectively send nutrients to various organs in the body.

In addition, Chinese medicine also believes that the spleen and stomach are related to immune function, and have a special nature for disease prevention.

Therefore, “warm belly” is an important part of children’s health care. Putting on the belly while sleeping is a good way to keep your belly warm.


Adjusting the diet It is not necessary for fasting or severe illness, as long as the child has an appetite, they can be encouraged to eat.

The acute phase can reduce the number of breastfeeding. At regular intervals, you can eat milk plus an equal amount of rice soup.

Those who are more seriously ill with dehydration should go to the hospital in time.

After the child’s nutrition is improved, the diet can be gradually restored. Eating must be from little to more, and gradually from thin to dense.


Non-proliferative antibiotics autumn diarrhea is caused by viruses. Antibiotics are not only ineffective. Once killing the normal flora in the killing, causing bacterial nuisance and aggravating diarrhea.


Keep the anus clean After each bowel movement, clean it with warm water and change the diaper in time.

Children’s used items should be washed and disinfected in time to avoid repeated cross-infection.


Cleansing of tender skin For babies, water is the best, most natural and most effective cleanser.

Autumn and winter babies have less activity than summer, sweating and sebum secretion are not as strong as summer, and cleaning work need not be replaced.

Wash your face 1-2 times a day, and the effect of water temperature close to body temperature is good.

  Note also for babies of different months of age: babies older than 3 months still have hormones from their mothers, and sebum secretion is relatively strong; after 3 months, the hormones in babies will decrease, and sebum and oil will haveAs a result, excessive cleansing will wash away the protective sebum, and the baby’s skin is prone to dry cracks and itching, which is not conducive to baby’s skin protection.

In general, to effectively clean the baby’s skin in autumn and winter, you should choose skin care products with simple functions and pure natural ingredients.