Carlo slightly taken aback,Seems to be considering whether to keep up。

Liu Guofeng laughed,Stride to catch up,He is obviously self-reliant and powerful,I don’t care about these locals。
Lu Menglin also followed with a smile,As if full of curiosity about this line。
Seeing that the teammates have kept up,Carlo didn’t think about it anymore,Motion Xiaojie and Li to follow。
The man with this half of the face led them across the street,Got into the alley,And then passed a corner,Finally stopped in front of a white house。
“It’s cheaper for you guys!This used to be the home of a rich man,The house is unoccupied now,You just stay here!”Half of his face said blankly。
This house looks pretty good,There is a small yard in front of the door,There is even a small swimming pool in the yard,Probably because no one takes care of it,The water in the pool has turned red,There are also plants like mutant algae on the water。
“Ok!thank you!This friend,How do i call you?”Carlo nodded,Asked politely。
I don’t know if this half of my face heard this sentence,Face suddenly changed,I grabbed Carlo by the collar,Anger:“what did you say?Don’t go blind,I’m not your shit friend!In Iquitos,no friend!Understand?”
Carlo was almost breathless by this weird man,With a smile on his face。
Xiaojie and Li are a little nervous,The former squeezed his fist hard,The latter stepped back silently。
But Liu Guofeng is holding his arms,Just slanted eyes
Watching this farce,He doesn’t believe Carlo who can represent the EU,Can’t deal with a weird person with a half face。
The weird thing is,Carlo did not break out,He is not even angry,I just keep smiling。
That half of the face seemed to find it boring to bully such an unresponsive person,After shaking a few times,Put him down。
“Brats!Don’t underestimate Iquitos,This is the red zone!No rules,Only value strength!Soft-leg shrimp like you guys,I am not scaring you,Just because you won’t survive for three days,Maybe it will be killed tonight!”Half of his face showed a row of big white teeth,Hehe smiled。
Carlo nodded seriously.,Smiled:“Then what about?Do you have any idea?”