Instructor Lu is not like us stupid big-head soldiers,He has a company to manage,There are family and friends outside,I heard that there are many beautiful girlfriends,Let people like him stay in the barracks,Seems to be too much!Seems to be leaving sooner or later!

Was so disturbed by Fatty,The soldiers don’t seem to feel so uncomfortable anymore。
“Menglin brother,I’m going with you!You let me come,Now you have to take me away!”Pudun’s next sentence,But Liu Yi was stunned。
When did Fatty become so cunning?Actually want to bugger with Lu Menglin?This is not his style!
Although Liu Yi joined the army much longer than Fat Dun,But he knew it at first glance,People like chubby are naturally suitable to stay in the army,The outside environment is incompatible with his temperament,Thanks to him having been with Lu Menglin in the past,If you change to a boss who is not capable,,I’m afraid Fat Dun has entered the classroom long ago。
Only in the army,A person like Fat Dun can be like a fish,He was born a fighter,Only suitable for battlefield。
Lu Menglin glanced at Fat Dun,No answer。
But the chubby hooked his shoulders,Said in a faint and inaudible voice in his ears:“brother,There were six people when I entered the meeting room,Only five came out。Did you kill the one that didn’t come out??”
Lu Menglin pinched his big chubby nose,Smiled:“Alright!Don’t pretend to me!You heard it all?Don’t speak out。”
“Ok,Anyway, I’m with Menglin brother,Walk on your front foot,I’ll leave。”Fat Dun uses a voice that only Lu Menglin can hear,Said quickly。
Lu Menglin knew that Fat Dun was lawless,He peeped and overheard the situation in the conference room just now,It’s really normal。
Since I can’t hide him,I had to take him away。
“Ok,Then let’s go together!”Lu Menglin nodded,It’s accepted。
Anyway, I have a place in Myanmar as a base,It doesn’t matter how fat one is。
but,Lu Menglin didn’t want to because of his own business,To lose the strength of the Iron Lion troops,He will never do anything to pull the team away,So I can only wrong Liu Yi to stay。
“You are all gone,What should i do?Let me go with you?”Liu Yi also laughed aside。
But he said so,But it’s just joking,And everyone can see,He didn’t really want to leave。