Abao thought about what Wang Shuai had to say,He can win it all back,If so,Of course he doesn’t want to kill Wang Shuai,Have money to spend,Then he is not stupid?

“Did you give me 1.2 million??So funny!”Wang Shuai wonders if Abao will have reinforcements,if not,Where’s the confidence?few people,Without any means,Just set up the battle and face off,Also a stable posture?
“I can’t afford it,I can sell myself to you!Don’t you dare?Say no!So many people are all rice buckets, right??”Abao expects Wang Shuai to agree,Deliberately continue to excite。
But this bet is for real hands-on,A Bao is holding another winning ticket,And Wang Shuai doesn’t want to really fight。
They are crowded,In case you kill someone without opening your eyes,Then I can’t hide from his father。
“How valuable do you think you are?The money for car repairs gave you that kind of opportunity to repay the debt because of the face of gold!Otherwise, I’ll ask your parents to collect debts!You really think you are worth money?”Wang Shuai really can’t understand why Abao is so confident,So I feel more suspicious,Before figuring out,He won’t promise,But wait for time to observe and ponder,Try to talk,So I deliberately smiled and said:“Leopard, you are so funny!Just so few people,Still win,Where’s your courage?Won’t learn to suck recently,Don’t be sober?I’m still playing soldiers,Tibetan upstairs?”
“Hide youX!You still use Tibetans to hit your rubbish?So many of us do it,Tibetan even if I lose!Don’t make excuses,Dare to bet?”A leopard suppressed,I hope that Wang Shuai will quickly agree,Hurry up and promise。
“It’s like I don’t know how much money you can afford!You offer a price that you can’t get,Gambling with air?”Wang Shuai has doubts,Although I feel that I will win,Dissatisfied,He thinks Abao must have some reason to win。
“Sure enough!I thought you were so rich,It turned out to be a loading!Do you usually spend money by setting traps to deceive people??There are many people here, right??Not yet bet!Women are bolder than you!”A leopard laughed so mockingly,The group of people behind also laughed and mocked。
Abao is very angry when he sees the people Wang Shuai brings,but,No one can encourage Wang Shuai to agree,After all, such a large sum of money,People besides Wang Shuai can’t even think about it,Where are you eligible to comment on this?Abao sees Wang Shuai and doesn’t agree,Impatient,Threaten directly:“Today you promised to bet,You have to bet if you don’t agree!Do you think you have a choice today?”
“I won’t admit it if I don’t agree,You say you win?So funny!You agreed to our bet,I even vowed to win,Keep saying I design you?I pushed Li Xiang on your bed?You can’t keep up with your own girlfriends,Lost the bet,I still have a face on others?Just like him,You help him fight?If i were you,Far away from him,How much does he give you?I give double!how about it?”Wang Shuai is planning to divide these people,Best if successful,Even unsuccessful,Through the attitude of these people,Get some judgmental information。
“Are you stupid?You have money and farts!There is no tank for youXIt’s just an ATM!No matter how big the face is for you, it is a brother!Buy a single order for everyone,Do you think you came out to play with money??Depends on loyalty!Look at who my brother will bird you?”Abao is full of confidence,In his eyes, Wang Shuai didn’t really come out,Just come out with money to play。
But he called today,All came out,The reputation of righteousness is the foundation,Although I like money,But I took the money for the bad reputation,Then don’t come out and mix。
What Abao promised everyone is 1,000,Of course it’s already very rich,Wang Shuai is doubled,But these people’s homes are in Pengshi,Make more money and drink more wine,I can live a happy life from now on?Of course no one will lose the reputation of loyalty for this money。