The audience in the live broadcast room discovered,The bloodstone seal“Chicken blood”Absolutely accounted for more than 30%。

in this way,That’s a piece of high-end goods,I got it for only 300 yuan,The anchor should have made a lot of money?Someone asked on the public screen in the live broadcast room,How much is worth。
this problem,Is also the most concerned by many viewers。Watch you live,Apart from learning a little knowledge,See you,The most important thing is to see how much you earn。
“Such a piece!”
Hu Yang is still thinking about how to estimate,After all, except for the material itself,And the artistic component of carving,Can’t tell an accurate price for a while。
At this moment,The old man before came back,See the seal on Hu Yang’s hand,Regret on his face。
“Little brother,I saw this seal before,Can you cut love?How much did you buy,How am i double?Don’t let you suffer。”He spoke。
Populus has not gone far,The stall owner naturally heard,The regret on his face is stronger。
He couldn’t help reminding the old man:“He bought it from me for three hundred yuan。”
The old man smiled and nodded thanks,Looking at Populus in a blink of an eye:“I’ll give one thousand!Round up。”
Many people in the live broadcast room were surprised,It is said that antiques are profitable,I saw it today。It tripled in this blink of an eye,No wonder the anchor dared to say that the daily income is over 10,000,It’s not too easy。
Who knew Populus shook his head:“This material alone,Can’t get 10,000 yuan。”
As soon as this remark,The stall owner’s intestines are green。