You are a chef?”

Liu Mountain has been very wide and glaring, watching Miao Xiaoxue。
Mainly Miao Xiaoxue is a girl,And very young,He is skeptical。
After all, the great chef is basically more than 25 or more.。
Even some ages,The more experience is the old road。
But how do Miao Xiaoxue look at around 20?。
“I am not.,But I will be cooked.,And I have learned a few hands.。”
“What do you want to do if you want to do anything??”
“One day, it is a boss.!”
Liu Mountain heard Miao Xiaoxue,I found the topic of my feelings.。
The two people are also talking more and more speculating。
Li Hui Feng gave Liu Xujian a call,Verified Liu Mountain’s situation。
Although Liu Mountain is looking for him to help,But he also knows that Liu Mountain is really really going to learn.。
Message after Liu Youshan went,Li Hui has no tube.。
At this time,Liu Dafu’s work in the county is in full swing.。
Especially after Li Hui’s funds are in place.,He is more selling more。
The first thousand five hundred and eighty-five chapters after a month
A month later。
The road in Shenjiacun has been all opened.,Under the self-supervision of Yang Li,Project progress is also very fast。
The construction of the winery has also been completed.。
The counterfeit and shoddy products of the vegetable factory still have,However, basically negligible。
Liu Dafu is also the construction of a workshop.。
The grandchillery was directly arranged by Liu Dafu as a company manager.。
But the main tube is actually still living in the workshop,Just say it is better.。
Those small workshops around,The little boss is also all received by Liu Dafu.。
The first batch of vegetables produced,It is also officially paved.。
First start selling goods from the county。
After all, there are several bosss.,It should be difficult to go to the county。
Very obvious question,That is, their product sales is very good.。
Because Liu Dafu has a few boss in advance,When the younger brother go out,Tell sales operators,Just choose Li Hui’s vegetable factory product,Just push them。
Say directly into new,Cheap and delicious。
In fact, he also knows that it is a little bit.,After all, the vegetables made of Li Rong’s vegetables are all fresh greenhouses.。
And his vegetables are a few pounds of vegetables.,It is worse than Li Hui on the top of the selection.。
But good is their cheap,The taste of the transfer is also almost。
Liu Dafu has also understood,As long as you put more salty salty,Plenty of peplines and spicy oil natural nature will taste the quality of vegetables.。
The shipping volume of the same day is 10,000 packs。
The first day of shipments let Liu Dafu are not satisfied with。
Fortunately, the next day’s shipments are more fierce than the first day.。
This makes Liu Dafu’s face finally exposed a smile.。
On the day they opened a meeting,Now Liu Dafu said, there is a place in the hearts of several people.。