Chen Xiu pretended to be annoyed,Walked back and forth twice in the house,Still suffocating,She was so scared that her face turned blue。

“No way,I want to sell my life for more than 20,000 yuan,Where is there such a good thing。”Chen Xiu is very angry,Pointing to the dressing table,Pointing to the bed again:“This one,and this,I have to move to sell!”
Two pieces of old furniture are worth a few dollars,Can stop Chen Xiu’s anger,The charter wife naturally nodded willingly。
“And the cabinet outside。”
“Row,The cabinet is also for you,I can give you all the furniture in the house!”
As long as we can settle things tonight,The charter wife is willing to sell her body,Besides, these pieces of old furniture。
“No way……You must write the same assignment agreement to me,Lest I take away the furniture, you can call the police and say I will snatch your stuff!”
“it is good……it is good,I will write the transfer agreement immediately!”
37 Undercurrent
“boss,You hurriedly asked me to pull these broken pieces of furniture,Why did you lose it halfway??”
Ten o’clock in the evening,Song Shihe was called by Chen Xiu to use a truck to take away the furniture in the rented house,Drive halfway,Chen Xiu told him to throw away all the other furniture and leave a tattered old cabinet。
“You know a ball!”Chen Xiu said with a smile:“This cabinet is from Huanghuali,Worth millions!”
The reason why Chen Xiu asked the renter to take away all the other furniture,I’m afraid that the charterer will know that her cabinet is Huanghuali worth more than one million,If she really doesn’t want to transfer,I can’t kill myself。
“Millions!”Song Shihe said in surprise:“Such a shabby cabinet is from Huanghuali?”
“Haha……Don’t you know Taishan?。”Chen Xiu said proudly:“This carving is still from the handwriting of a famous master in the Qing Dynasty,It’s only worth about 1.5 million,After I fix it up, I can sell it for at least 3 million!”
“three million!”
Song Shihe was excited first,Then he said worriedly:“boss,Now we add this huanghuali cabinet and lacquer in our store、Bamboo painting and you lied this morning……The enamel-colored plum bottles from the Qianlong period that have been collected and missed will add up to nearly ten million。Is it safe that no one is on duty at night in our shop??”
“Yes indeed!”