Painting Shengdan’s Writing Hometown Shengjing – Dai Chao’s art life

"Lakeside Scenic View" is part. Image Source: Yancheng Evening News Gao Wangyuan, sketching the beauty of nature, pursuing the direction of art, telling the painter Dai Chao, is the most pleasant thing.

From the teenager, the drama, to the drama of the troupe, painted the hometown, for more than half a century, Dai Yuula, Shaped thorns, have been climbing with the peak of art. 20 years of spring and autumn birth to the net ugly picture in the 1950s, Dai Chao was born in the old street in the town of Huihu Town, Shuihai, Nishi, because the mother is suffering from the child, and the mother is suffering, it is unbearable. The weight, but he did not retreat, but he supported a day with painting. Reading in the county, Dai Chao learning paintings are unimpeded, and the painting skills have been greatly improved. He has published a pair of women’s works in newspapers and Japanese newspapers and Japanese newspapers.

Because it is possible to write, after Dai Chao high school graduated, he was seen by the Huaiye Town, responsible for the stage of stage art and poster creation.

In the 20 spring and autumn dedicated to the troupe, Dai Chao has made this ordinary career, life, life, da, net, ugly performance program, the characters of the characters, the monks of the characters, he is like a few families.

Every play of the troupers, he all carefully wonders, hesitantly listened to the creation of the inner row, until the subject’s theme thoughts, character character, and more completely grasped the pen. In the pen of Dai Chao, the "play" theme work is made, and the ink rhyme is rich, and the beauty is unique. From the eyes to see the image of the stage, then to the processing refining, summarize the intention of the intention of the intention, and finally resort the pen ink to complete the Danqing image on the rice paper, the vivid and interesting drama figure, after Dai Chao brush becomes a beautiful Scenic line. Such as "Golden Branch" "Picking the jade bracelet" "Liang Zhu" "Meng Jiangn" people have the paintings of people, and "the melon round" "Wu Or" "robe is ugly" "Tea Site ugly" "Peony Pavilion" "White Snake", "Knife", "Happy Forest", "Qingfeng Pavilion", etc. One of the themes in the music is drawn.

In the past 20 years, Dai Chao accumulated sketch paper feet has a thousand kilomesis, and the pear garden is rhyme, and the end of your life is.

Sinking into the body and mind, let Dai Yue Di play in the north of Suzhou. Recording the hometown of the hometown, the hometown, how many things are unforgettable, and how many homesteps make the soul of the soul, snuggling in the Xitang River, the town is a place where he raised him.

When I was a child, I listened to my mother to talk about the past in the ancient lake town; after greating, he is a witness in the change of Hugu Town.

Record the village, for the hometown portrait, this thought is in Dai Chao in Dai Chaoti ten years ago.

He looked through a lot of literary history, recalling the story of the mother and the neighborhood, with the expectation of the emotions of the hometown, and Dai Chao and his disciples made a self-funded investigation in the ancient town of the northern River in Northern Jiangsu. And status. They rushed for several months in Xinghua Shagou, Huai’an River, Baoying, Yanyang, Gaoyun, Wushu, etc. Accumulate a lot of information for the painting of the lake. He in a "Lake Shengjing" creation, in a thousand days and night, Dai Xukko case is in the simple studio of more than ten square meters, and is able to depict the lake scene.

Kung Fu pays off, hard work, after more than 3 years of hard work, a long volume of 1850cm, width 40cm, is born under his pen.

"The Lakes Scenery" showed the prosperity of the lake in the late Qing Dynasty. There are more than 500 shops and 10,000 people, more than 100 ships.

In the past, the handicraft industry, iron, bamboo, wood, alkali, woven fabric, rope, and fragrance, etc.

Zhang Lijung, Vice President of the Shanghai Literary Reviewer Association, said, "The Lake Shengjing" said that the artistic concept and creation technique of "shaped gods, passing the god portrayal", in the author’s skill, the "lake] Shengjing map "is exhausted. Plum blossom from the bitter cold. For decades, a draft is made into a draft, a manuscript is in order to make a little progress, Dai Chao is more powerful, the painting of the painting, the cold winter, ushered in a hundred flowers blooming thousands of violet spring. At the beginning of 2020, the "Lakes Shengjing" of Dai Chao created caused widespread concern, but also the reflection of his strong artistic skills, but also a noble feelings of "unforgettable".

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