Later, Fang Liu said, We have a kid here who likes to play field games at noon! Don’t ask if you meet it! Who asked who was in a hurry!

Later, Fang Liu said, We have a kid here who likes to play field games at noon! Don’t ask if you meet it! Who asked who was in a hurry!
From then on, it became Xu Jie’s eternal pain.
It wasn’t until one day when he looked up at the sky at a 45degree angle that he confided in his roommate, and then he ignored the smile and sprayed his roommate with a sentence, You don’t understand my love for wild areas.
At one time, Wang Zhuo always chased Xu Jie and called him the field king, but at this time, Xu Jie would deeply stop him from saying please call me the wild king in a sad tone.
夜生活  title=Finally, one day, Xu Jie found that the wild king was no better than the field king, and it was not long before this topic was finally lifted.
Of course, those girls who chase Xu Jie in this way certainly don’t know if Wang Zhuo and Gao Liang will keep him secret, or who will they find to eat?
For example, today, they won the gambling game, and everyone was very excited. They agreed to go back and pack their things and have a big dinner later.
It’s not good for Jiege to abandon Lu Zhan like this! High school bright suddenly weak weak asked 1
Don’t talk nonsense. This is that he has abandoned the four of us alone. Is the rhythm good? Xu Jie said with indignation
However, jokes aside, several people politely asked Lu Zhan again if he wanted to go to Lu Zhan on the evening, and smiled and said, We’ll go to a hotel to eat soon.
The ambiguity of Lu Zhan’s sentence is so great that several animals were jealous at that time. This rhythm is too fast! Even from five days ago, it’s only been a few days, and both of them are going to the hotel for dinner, which makes people envy and hate.
In this way, Xu Jie suddenly felt that he had become silk. Look at Lu Zhan’s side with such a beautiful woman, but he had to spend money to invite several big boys to dinner. Indeed, there are counterattacks everywhere in life.
But I don’t know how they will feel if they know that Lu Zhan lived with another beautiful woman for a long time before.
Chapter 36 Xia Lingyao Cousin
This girl is naturally Xia Lingyao’s cousin Yang Xiyuan.
Although they are related to each other, they obviously walk in different styles. Xia Lingyao is natural and graceful, and the queen is full of models, while Yang Xiyuan is quiet and gentle, like a small jasper.
Xia Lingyao gave Lu Zhan the words of cherishing the fate of Yang, and naturally there was also Lu Zhan. In fact, as early as during the game, Yang cherished the fate and sent a text message to Lu Zhan, but at that time Lu Zhan was too nervous to notice.
Later, Yang Xi Yuan called Lu Zhan, but I didn’t expect that two people met on the road.
Lu Zhan shook his mobile phone and said hello to her before observing Yang Cherish’s fate. She left a neat shawl and laughed there all the time. Two small tiger teeth were looming, and the delicate face and two small dimples were tall and straight, and the corners of her mouth were slightly raised, which made her exude a strong and fresh breath.
Sister Ling Yao sent me your photo and I recognized you from far away, said Yang Xiyuan.
Oh … I haven’t said much to girls, especially in front of such a handsome girl, Lu Zhan, who is slightly cramped.
Yang Xiyuan’s personality is a little small and he doesn’t like to talk very much. One or two people became silent.
Fortunately, Xu Jie’s question just now broke their delicate situation.
Your friend? Xu Jie, etc. They left Yang Cherish the fate and asked some naughty shoulders to shrink.
She really wants to see Xia Lingyao as soon as possible. She has been growing up with Xia Lingyao since she was a child. She was busy studying in high school and Xia Lingyao was busy in the institute. They haven’t seen each other for a long time.
But the idea of going to a hotel with a boy made her feel a little hot.
Well, we just won a League of Legends competition together, and they asked me to have dinner together. Lu Zhan realized the ambiguity in his words at this time and quickly talked about him.
I’ve heard from Sister Ling Yao that you’ve only been playing for a long time. How’s your level practice these days? Yang Xi yuan asked
Not so good, the more you play, the more you find your gap. Lu Zhannai smiled and said that although their side won the game by his anger, he actually found his gap even more. No matter An Youxi Fox or He Hongxiang Card, Lu Zhan had a good time.
An Youxi Fox won’t talk about the game, and almost two charms have been attracted to He Hongxiang’s card. It’s always accurate to say that he can always find a sharp enough angle to hit people from two directions several times. This technique alone is not just a few dozen games, and even worse, the card is not He Hongxiang’s specialty hero.
I’m afraid everyone who plays League of Legends has one who is good at heroes, but there is nothing good at heroes in Lu Zhan.
Although Lu Zhan has found the skills of grasping opportunities and dodging various keys in team battles from three big fights, he is still not strong in other aspects, and many details may not be done well because of different maps
Now let him line up. He knows very well that he could never have hit He Hongxiang, let alone An Youxi!
In that case, he can’t help worrying about his own twoday game.
But the thought that he was still in a coma made my brother unwilling to give up like this.
Suddenly I found that Lu Zhan was silent. Yang Xiyuan thought about it and changed the topic. I also play League of Legends, but I’m a little stupid and slow to upgrade. I haven’t reached level 3 yet.
When he said this, Yang Xi vomitted to stick out, and small tongue was even more lovely.