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From the position where Yang Long stands, looking towards the northwest, you can clearly see a group of buildings on the top of Blackstone Mountain, which is still erupting halfway up the mountain.

What attracted Yang Long’s attention was that it rose from the Blackstone Tower and flew towards that building, and more than a dozen creatures flew away.
That kind of flying creature Yang Long squinted for a few seconds and then associated it with a powerful biological population from the appearance of more than a dozen creatures. Is it actually a dragon?
For the world of Azeroth, dragons are not rare creatures. On the contrary, they have been shown to some extent in many histories.
Even some very powerful professionals have become dragons. J: ng has joined forces to defeat the common enemy, fight together and risk one’s life in the battlefield.
In a sense, the allied forces of the human kingdom defeated the Orc Legion and won the second Orc War. The participation of the Dragon in some areas is also inseparable because
According to this world myth, before the creation titans left the world of Azeroth, five powerful titans gave some of their abilities to the five dragons, making them guardians of Azeroth.
And these five dragons are called Five Se Dragons by the world because of their different abilities. They have been guarding the world of Azeroth for hundreds of thousands of years.
However, I don’t know when the other four SE armies United and the Black Dragon Corps won a long and fierce war and paid a great price.
No one knows the details of this dragon war, but the end result is that the Black Dragon Corps disappeared and the other four Se dragons also disappeared.
From then on, unless the world of Azeroth is endangered, the Dragon Corps will never appear in people’s sight as if it were absent.
Because the distance is too far, Yang Long can distinguish these dragons flying to the hillside of Blackstone Tower. Every dragon is covered with red Se scales from beginning to end.
Obviously, in Yang Long’s eyes, the Dragon Department is all members of the Red Dragon Corps.
Before the emergence of the black Se baby dragon in the barren land, Yang Long was very surprised. Now the emergence of the Red Dragon Corps has made Yang Long feel incredible.
Except for the second orc war, the world of Azeroth has not seen the figure of the Five Se Dragon Corps so frequently for a long time.
The Red Dragon Legion has also appeared. Has anything important happened in the past ten years? Yang Long muttered to himself, although the distance is far apart, Yang Long can still distinguish those flying dragons, but they are only 100 meters in size.
For the dragon whose life is almost limited, the size of several hundred meters is just a dragon that has just left the juvenile dragon state and grown into the juvenile dragon stage.
According to human standards, these dragons are just a group of teenagers, and there is still a long time before they reach adulthood. Although these young dragons can reach the advanced and top level of professionals because of their dragon bodies, their actual combat effectiveness is far less than the latter.
From a distance, it seems that the flying red dragon is very close to the hillside complex of Heishita. In fact, the distance between them is almost four or five kilometers.
While Yang Long was secretly thinking, more than ten red dragons finally approached their destination, and then they opened their mouths to spit out crimson Se dragon breath and burned the hillside buildings of Blackstone Tower one by one.
In less than half a minute, I watched the sevenbody red dragon twice as black as the Se baby dragon in Yang Long, and suddenly flew out of the building group, and the red dragons fought into a ball.
Dragon fights? Yang Long looked at two kinds of Yan Se baby dragons entwining and biting together, spilling out large tracts of blood flowers and feeling some words at the moment.
Compared with not long ago, the handtohand combat of young dragons is somewhat boring from the perspective of Yang Long. Although the young dragons have a body length of less than 100 meters, they are almost the same as a group of wild dogs that bite each other from a distance
Just when Yang Long felt a little interesting and prepared to ignore these dragons fighting, he struggled with the black Se baby dragon, and two of his heads suddenly and violently exploded to instantly lose his life and the dragon fell to the bottom of the mountain.
nefarian! Get out! Loud roar sounded like thunder, and Yang Long could hear it clearly even if it was nearly 20 kilometers apart.
Then, in the sky where Yang Long could not see clearly, an adult red dragon suddenly appeared, and the body of the red dragon kept expanding until it was nearly two kilometers long.
Obviously, the front roar is made by this sound, and Yang Long can understand its meaning because this red dragon messenger is actually an orc language.
The appearance of this adult red Se dragon made several besieged black Se cubs nervous and screamed.
One of the black Se baby dragons seems to be frightened after the appearance of the red Se dragon, perhaps because of serious injuries, and generally flies slowly towards the Blackstone Tower complex but is hit by a black Se flash.
Black se baby dragon trembled all over and then screamed. A body cracked in a muffled sound. Instead of flying into the building complex, it fell towards the foot of the mountain.
Walla Studds! Are you here to die? !” The same earthshattering roar came out from the top of Blackstone Tower and also entered Yang Long’s ear.
Then in the south of the huge red dragon, a black Se adult dragon is also expanding, and finally it rises to the red dragon, regardless of its size, eyeing up and staring at the enemy.
nefarian, you have interfered too much with the mortal world. This is the Red Dragon Army Farren. Let me judge you now! The red Se adult dragon roars upwards, slaps its wings, and air billow comes at the oblique black Se dragon.
Hum! Looking for death! Black se dragon nu hum a same flapping wings to meet the red se dragon swooped down.
The earthshattering roar was accompanied by the spread in all directions. air billow let the young dragons around the two adult dragons be rapidly sprayed by the waves. She air billow flew around with dizziness and brain swelling.
Even nearly 20 kilometers away in Yang Long, a mountain peak, she came to air billow and was almost blown away from the top of the mountain. She struggled to crawl to the ground and grasped the rock.
Ow! Ow! Ow!
After the collision, the two adult dragons fought handtohand in the same way as the young dragons, but because of their huge bodies, the two dragons tumbled and were crushed, and suddenly Yang Long felt deeply shocked.
Although the dragon’s fighting mode is single, Yang Long’s sight can see that in the dragon’s struggle, a lot of visible energy ripples are splashed out, and things touched by these energy ripples will soon become powder even hard rocks.
It is because of this that many times air billow swept away the young dragon, but after flying back for a while, he dared not enter the dragon fighting area and did not catch the pair again, but divided into two groups and waited for the result of the battle between the two leaders.
Looking at the huge figure rolling not far away, Yang Long suddenly felt very small because he was about to refine his body and gain the joy of dark strength, which was also diluted a lot.
Even if this level of strength does not reach the superclass level, it is not far apart! Although the real strength of the two dragons was perceived by the method of distance limitation, Yang Long was able to guess a general range.
The two adult dragons fighting together made Yang Long stand aside, and at the same time, the regained high morale in his heart gradually fermented, which made Yang Long feel excited all over.
It’s very rare to see groups of dragons fighting, but it’s even more rare to see two adult dragons live to the death.
There is no chance. Yang Long stared at the two giants and felt their will to fight. At the same time, he analyzed the dragon fighting mode and rehearsed the countermeasures for the dragon fighting in his mind
It was not until a few hours later that the two dragons fought, and the black Se dragon had a slight advantage in winning and losing, and Yang Longcai woke up from the absence of watching the battle.
This is the dragon fight. This is the strong fight! Yang Long turned his attention to the desire to fight in the heart of the black Se young dragon who was hunting for the enemy, and Yu looked more and more intense.
Took a deep breath to suppress the heart churning after Yang Long put away his hand water bag and climbed the rock along the mountain peak while secretly making up his mind in his heart Black Se Dragon nefarian? One day I will challenge you!
Flying around, the black Se baby dragon didn’t find a human quietly leaving on this hill, and didn’t know that this battle made the Black Dragon Corps have a terrible enemy in the future.
NO25 burning plain
A few days later, scorching canyon
A human thief wearing a red Se leather armor occasionally looked up as he walked, and walked along the route taken by Yang Long towards the foot of Blackstone Mountain.
When the thief came to a potholed field, he seemed to notice something stopped, and then he explored it in situ and restored most of the fighting in his mind.
桑拿按摩And this bumpy site happens to be the place where Yang Long met a nightmare after killing the black iron dwarf more than ten days ago. The error is less than 50 meters.
Well, the target accelerated. Did you find me? The human thief looked up and revealed a handsome face. It was a few months ago that he was ordered to go to the deserted exhibition to investigate the evil gods.
A thief, not a ranger, an evil god, has no animals and birds to detect, and there are some common means left by the bags of trade union undead thieves to detect the smell
After such a long time of tracking, although the evil god must be not far from the guy who killed the guild members, the smell is slowly fading.

Teng Xiaosan’s idea is not difficult to guess. If you can hold Ye Xiangyuan, it will be good for Li Guhe Teng’s family, and it will be more beneficial for her son to compete for the inheritance of Ye’s family.

I’m a little surprised. Both Ye Li and Ye Sanye are very good at their family.
It seems that the aristocratic circle is also maintained by marriage.
I deliberately asked Ye Xiangyuan, "Your grandfather and his uncle’s wife are very good. Why don’t you go with Li Yuyan?"
These materials must have been arranged for me by Ye Wen at his behest.
He regards me as a real partner now, and I will come out if I have any questions.
Ye Xiangyuan gave me a deep look. "You are smart enough to guess the reason."
I won’t talk.
Now the Li family is in full swing. If Ye Xiangyuan marries Li Yuyan, there will be two fields in the future, or his hand will be handed over to the Li family and become a puppet like Ye Sanye. Or he will be secretly killed like his uncle, father and brother.
I can’t help sighing in my heart.
He came to me because I don’t have a background. What he needs is not a powerful wife, but a partner who can risk his life.
It is very hot in the midsummer in China, but the air conditioning in the car is very loud. I tightened my coat and lost in thought.
When I get back to the magic car, I have entered the Qinyuan park and stopped at the first villa.
It’s several times bigger than Ye Sanye’s house, and the doorway is magnificent and majestic. The outer wall of the stone lion is scarlet, which is more solemn than those yellow villas next to it.
I didn’t expect Ye Li to wait in the courtyard in person.
He supported him with a cane and a cane. Behind him were Ye Sanye and Li Qingqing.
I swept each of their faces through the window.
Besides Ye Li, there is still a glimmer of expectation that others are impatient.
I want to know that neither Teng Jun, Ye Li’s beloved second wife, nor Ye Sanye, his favorite son, can welcome Ye Xiangyuan home.
Ye Xiangyuan looked pale after the car and couldn’t see the anger.
I walked to his side with Xiaojin in my arms.
He took me step by step to Ye Li.
Ye Li’s line of sight swept from my body and finally fell to Xiao Jin’s face with a smile. "Come back and rest in the advanced room. Don’t be tired of Xiao Jin."
Ye Xiangyuan gave me a partial look and "called Grandpa"
I’m busy clever shouted.
He turned to Ye Li. "Grandpa, this is my wife’s time."
Ye Li stared at me for a long time with a cold hum and said nothing. He turned and walked into the house.
Ye Xiangyuan took me behind him.
Fujijun and Ye Sanye couple, he didn’t even give a look, and walked directly over them.
I know very well that I must unite with Ye Xiangyuan and I am too lazy to curry favor with him.
When I passed them, I scanned the three people’s expressions, and they were really poor. Teng Jun glared at me and Ye Xiangyuan with a sullen face.
I took a deep breath.
From the moment I stepped into the villa, I was hostile to them, and I had to be extremely energetic to face it.
**** *w*w*w**** ***o*m
It was about Ye Xiangyuan and his grandfather who laid out their cards at the beginning. He introduced me as his wife, and Ye Li didn’t show anger or disagreement. Although he always regarded me as an attitude, at least he didn’t kick me out.
Section 6
Ye Xiangyuan took me and Xiaojin straight to the third floor, which was full of guest rooms. He heard Yuzryha send my luggage to his room, and Xiaojin lived next door.
I feel a little hot at the thought of sleeping with him in the future.
I quickly forced myself to calm down and told myself that it was because of the situation. After all, he and I are husband and wife, and it is impossible for Ye Li to sleep in separate rooms under his eyelids.
But … I didn’t think about it at first …
Don’t leave the family to Ye Xiangyuan and settle things down.
Then he took me and Ye Li of Xiaojinlou to sit on the living room sofa, and Teng Jun sat next to him. Ye Sanye and Li Qingqing sat on his left.
It was Xiao Jin’s mother Lu Nianye who surprised me.
Yes, she kept her head down and her spirit was a little low.
I know that she is pretending to be sick, of course I can’t expose her, and she immediately turned her eyes away.
Ye Li coldly swept me to Ye Xiang and "follow me to the room".
Say that finish on crutches.
Fujijun is going to help him and he pushes him away.
"Don’t you follow me?" His facial expression tunnel
Teng Jun changed his face.
Ye Xiangyuan is still a quiet look, just like he didn’t see his grandfather’s position on Teng Jun and followed him to the room.
As soon as Ye Li left Fujijun, he glared at Xiao Jin and me.
I held Xiaojin in my arms and looked back at her without fear.
Her face is getting uglier and uglier. She pointed at Lv Nian with a cold hum. "That’s because your eldest sister-in-law is not clear-headed and crazy. Please help her back to her room and rest quickly. Don’t make a fool of yourself here!"
夜网论坛I secretly laugh at her. This is to give me Mawei.
Maybe she was born with no background and it’s the first day to live in. She is an elder, so I dare not conflict with her and will obey her orders respectfully.
Unfortunately, she is wrong.
I’m Ye Xiangyuan, and a sword in my hand is just to deal with her, the forces behind her.
Besides, when she was angry with Grandma Ye Xiangyuan, she did so many bad things for decades. I looked down on her from the bottom of my heart, and I wouldn’t give her respect.
When I didn’t hear what she said, I still sat firmly.
Xiaojin climbed my arm and put it in my ear and asked sadly, "Aunt, does she dislike my mother?"
I’m not surprised that he knows that Lu Nian is his mother.
Ye Xiangyuan took him to visit Lv Nian every week before and did not hide Lv Nian’s identity.
I touched his head. "She’s a bad person. Let’s ignore her."
Xiaojin plausibly nodded "well! Uncle said that women here are bad guys except mom and aunt! "
I "…"
It turned out that Ye Xiangyuan had already died and instilled this idea.
So at least Xiao Jin is wary of Fujijun and Li Qingqing and won’t be close to them.
Xiao Jin’s childlike innocence angered Teng Jun. She grabbed the coffee table cup and slammed it at Xiao Jin’s cheek. "Rabbit cub! Who are you cursing! "
I hurriedly hold xiaojin to avoid.

With this idea, Lin Yao called her mother Lin Zhao.

Mom, I’m Yaoyao Lin Qiao. What shall we do when that bitch comes back?
Hang up the words after Lin Yao face a rather grim smile Lin Qiao! I see how you can stay in the country this time.
Although Lin Zhao meant to tell Lin Yao not to make a move, she was also white in her heart. Mom meant to wait for an opportunity, and then Lin Qiao must be in trouble.
On the other hand, Lin Qiao didn’t know that Lin Yao had recognized her and had begun to think about how to calculate her.
Because of a dispute just now, Fu Ruliu took Lin Qiao and Lin Hao to a sweet shop with exquisite decoration. After ordering some sweets for Lin Hao, Fu Ruliu accidentally saw Lin Qiao’s expression.
Did you know that girl just now? Fu ruliu handed Lin Qiao a hot drink and said
The body of the Chapter 15 Wolf ambition
Lin Qiao Zheng face look quite bitter nodded just that girl is my halfsister
Looking at Lin Qiao’s ugly face, Fu Ruliu was a little embarrassed and said, I’m sorry aunt didn’t know such a thing. Forget it. Don’t talk about such a topic.
Aunt, I’m sorry, it’s too complicated, and I don’t know what to say. Lin Qiao was also in a mess, so he didn’t know what to say.
Rejected Fu Ruliu’s kind invitation, Lin Qiao returned to the hotel with Lin Hao and looked at the spotless room. Lin Qiao learned something about the hotel.
Lin Qiao opened the backpack to find something, but suddenly found that a necklace on the side of the backpack was missing. When it was Italy, a fan specially made it for her, which was of great significance.
When the manager was called to communicate, Lin Qiao decisively reported to the police for reservation. Didn’t you say that this hotel had a high security? Why would such a thing happen?
The hotel manager looked at Lin Qiao disdainfully and said, Miss Lin, although you are very famous, I still want to say that there is no evidence, so don’t talk nonsense. It will be more trouble after calling the police.
Lin Qiao’s face is red with anger. It was just this manager who made rude remarks and now he threatens her!
The manager who hurried to the hotel just heard the manager’s words and turned very embarrassed. After the manager left, the manager said, Miss Lin is really sorry.
There is nothing to be embarrassed about. I have already called the police. Let’s wait for the police to come!
Lin Qiao, even if he has a good temper, is very uncomfortable after being scolded by the manager just now. Besides, the necklace has commemorative significance. Is the hotel not responsible for the theft of the hotel because of carelessness?
This matter soon arrived at Muchen, and after knowing the cause and effect of the incident, Muchen frowned and said, Didn’t I tell the person in charge of the hotel? What will be difficult to stay in Mujia Hotel? Who is that manager?
The assistant who came to report said that Mu Chen didn’t know his name. He frowned. Who is this person? I have never heard of it, but my surname is very familiar.
Muchen’s understanding of this hotel is also due to knowing that Lin Qiao lived here and went to know it.
Who is this man? When did you have such a person at the manager level? Muchen looked cold and looked at his head in a cold sweat, assistant
The assistant didn’t know what to say. Mu Chen immediately understood what the manager was doing.
Go to the police station and say hello to the person in charge of this matter over there and find a necklace to move faster. Muchen looks pale and said.
The assistant hurriedly went to make a phone call, and Muchen was not idle, so he contacted the head of a hotel.
Soon, the person in charge of the hotel came to apologize to Lin Qiao with the manager who had just spoken rudely. Lin Qiao was not justified. Everyone sighed when they saw the manager apologize or forgave him for just doing it.
The police came soon because Mu Chen ordered the hotel to cooperate very well and sent surveillance videos to the police.
After the police learned about the incident and got the evidence, Lin Qiao could wait in the room. As a result, Lin Hao played for a day and she first put her son to sleep.
With the help of mu Chen, the necklace really found the hotel soon, and the matter was solved by mu Chen’s sign. He went directly to Lin Qiao’s door and knocked on the door.
Is it convenient to go in and talk? Looking at the door Lin Qiao expression in muchen could not help but say
Lin Qiao nodded sideways to let Muchen take the door and poured him a glass of water.
Sitting on the sofa, Lin Qiao looked at Muchen and handed it to the necklace. How did you get it back so soon? What the hell is going on?
It’s too complicated. The police will contact you one day. It’s getting late now. It will take some time to talk in detail.
Mu Chen in front of Lin Qiao thinks that he always has limited patience and gentleness.
I don’t know how to repay you for giving me such help! Lin Qiao didn’t want to owe anyone, but Mu Chen really helped her a lot.
Looking at Lin Qiao with a slightly shy expression, Mu Chen pondered and said, There will be a charity dinner in a couple of days, or you and my girlfriend will just help me.
Lin Qiao is not a woman with shallow eyelids. When she heard this, she felt strange. I remember that there was a secret before you, wasn’t it a woman? This used to be her job!
Section 14
Lin Qiao didn’t remember this correctly. Mu Chen’s female companion has always been his secret. The reason is that the woman has a look and a sense of proportion. Even if she attended many dinners with Mu Chen, she never made any scandal.
She had something else to do that day. Our company recently signed a contract that night, so I sent her to all the places where there were no girlfriends because I was going to dinner.
Muchen said this perfectly justified face without hearts jumping. Lin Qiao looked at Muchen’s look and didn’t see his wolf ambition so he could resist and agreed.
Muchen was very satisfied with her face, but she was still upright. Well, I’ll take you to choose a gift the day before. Remember to bring your time.
What about Zaizai? Lin Qiao remembered the child’s face and it was hard to say, Otherwise, let’s take him with us!
Muchen finally found the opportunity to meet Lin Qiao alone. Naturally, there is a child as a light bulb, even if it is Lin Hao.
Well, it’s not convenient for us to go to the store with the children. I’ll tell my mother that I’ll leave the children with my parents first. They haven’t seen Zaizai for a long time, and they miss him very much.
With this arrangement, Lin Qiao naturally has no room for rejection. Looking at Mu Chen leaving her back, she always feels some problems, but she can’t remember when she thinks about it.
Nerinjo can give up anyway, Muchen won’t hurt herself, and it’s unnecessary to worry so much.
Muchen rode in the car thinking about what had just happened, and his face was determined to laugh. If Xue Han had spoken, he would have said that this person was up to no good again.
The body of the Chapter 16 Muchen small mind
Although what happened in the hotel made Lin Qiao angry, she didn’t change places to live when she saw Muchen.
The next day, the police came to Lin Qiao to explain the situation. Lin Qiao realized that the manager had received benefits from others, which made people secretly enter her room with a spare room card.
After knowing this, Lin Qiao was very angry, and it took a long time to solve the problem before Lin Qiao got so angry.
It was very late when Lin Hao went to bed in the middle of the night yesterday. When he got up early, he was still sleepy and didn’t know who he was.
桑拿会所Today, Lin Qiao has nothing to do, and Lin Hao can have a good sleep.
When the mother and the mother woke up again, it was already two o’clock at noon. Listening to the rumbling of the belly, Lin Qiao had no heart.
Mom, what shall we eat later? I want to eat your cooking. After returning to China, Lin Qiao has been busy. Lin Hao misses her craft very much.
There is no place to cook in the hotel these two days. When mom is sure to find a place to stay after work, mom can cook for her, okay?
Lin Qiao doesn’t know how long he will stay here, so he has no plans to rent or buy a house for the time being.
Lin Hao Lin Qiao has always been a clever boy. Seeing that she seems to be a little difficult, she said thoughtfully, Let’s talk about it when mom is convenient!
Kiss his tender face, Lin Qiao quickly packed his things and took him to dinner.
Back to the room after dinner, Lin Qiao remembered that Muchen said things last night and took Lin Hao’s hand and sat on the sofa.
What’s the matter? Mom? Lin Hao asked with a puzzled face.
Mom and Uncle Mu are going to choose Lizai to play with grandma tomorrow, okay? Lin Qiao didn’t mean to perfunctory children, because even children can’t lie in front of him, or they will learn badly.

Stop bickering. Xiao Dai put away his whip and wrapped it in his hand. He raised his arm and pointed at the front boundary pillar. It finally entered our jurisdiction.

Qin Zhen, can you read? I motioned Qin Zhen to read the inscription.
He is still on horseback with a sad face.
Can’t you get up? I lifted my arm. Wood, will you teach him?
It’s okay, I’ll go and have a look … Qin array muttered, slightly climbing up and holding the horse’s neck, and ran past white Zhao …
Is there a black man, asshole? I saw a huge wood on the left side of the word white. It’s really hard for the pheasant to recognize half of it … But what is more difficult for him to read the word Zhao without any obstacles?
You can have a good rest today. Jia Mu rubbed his ass.
I’m afraid I have to hurry. Ma Dai held up a simple map. There are still two hundred and twenty miles from Bairen County in Handan, and now it’s time.
Cut so far! Jia Mu scratched his head. Zhao is a slap in the face. Is it 200 miles from here to the cure?
Er … according to the map, it’s normal that the Berber people are in the northernmost part of Zhao’s winter and Handan is in the southernmost part. Ma Dai looked at the map carefully.
Isn’t Handan in the center? Jia Mu continued to mutter Good egg pain setting
Let’s go quickly. Do we have any trench? Don’t delay. I made a whistle to chase after my life and accelerated sharply.
Want to race horses? An excited voice sounded from the side, I can’t lose! Just now, I almost fell off my horse, and Qin array was chasing me with a red face and a twinkle in her eyes.
The gap between me and him is narrowing rapidly.
Sure enough, a good cavalry is born!

By the time we got to Handan, the moon had already appeared from the top of the mountain.
I can finally see Qin array’s back and round horse’s ass.
This bastard runs very fast. I have never surpassed him for so many years … Jia Mu touched his mount mane and gasped.
Want to chase me? Wait ten years! Qin Zhen reined in his horse and laughed back.
I know who it is when I hear this kind of crazy talk. Chengtou leaned out a head.
Pang Gan, don’t you dare to come and eat my knife? Qin array suddenly jilted to jilt elegant long hair.
Dare you eat me a stone there? Pang Ganli pushed a stone against Chengtou.
Qin Zhen took a look and jumped into the city with his head in his arms. Although the height of Handan wall is not more than three feet, dozens of pounds of heavy stones hit his forehead with great acceleration. Even Transformers have to get a big pit, which is an essential weapon to defend the city against them.
Everyone can see the answer at a glance to the question of who has no guts and who is brave. Pang Gan shook his head and took the stone back.
品茶论坛The dog day pang Gan ate a knife from the uncle! Although I was still in the city, I clearly heard Qin array roaring in Chengtou.
Pang Gan immediately disappeared from Chengtou.

Adults mean Yi Yang Ling? Cheng Yu just thought, Well, Wen and Lao Di are called Gongsun Zan.
Jia Xu nodded and said that he didn’t remember wrong.
Gongsun Zan?’ I was stupid. It turned out to be this fellow!
How do adults know him? Cheng yudao
When I was a Wei Wei, I heard the news of this man. I found a very appropriate reason. At that time, he was a satrap in Youzhou and Liu Yu, a state shepherd, impeached each other, so both of them were relegated to Liu Yu at that time … I tried to recall that I was relegated from Youzhou to Hongnong to be a satrap.
Hongnong Taishou? Jia Xu looked at me with a smile. It doesn’t look like relegation.
Uh, yeah … I’m not sure. You Zhou’s geography is remote, but it seems not as bad as Liangzhou’s toecrossing, right? I remember Liu Bei, Zhang Fei and Lu Zhi. Aren’t their hometown in Zhuojun, Youzhou? Youyan is not a backward area.
Adults don’t know, Cheng Yu showed his erudition again. Youzhou is a vast country. Zhuojun and Daijun in the south are not bad, but Liaodong and Liaoxi in the east are vast and sparsely populated. The winter is cold and there are quite a lot of foreign people. The roads are not smooth and there is very little food production. Therefore, in previous years, it is often necessary to transport food from Qingzhou, Jizhou to help the soldiers and civilians in Youzhou. Speaking of Liu Yu, this person has also done some practical things. When he was doing secretariat and state grazing, he strongly persuaded Nong Sang to do it again. Yuyang County,
Isn’t this already very good? How do I feel that he seems to have overturned his own point of view at the end of his explanation?
Ah Cheng Yu was as cool as a cucumber. You Zhou’s secretariat office is located in Luoyang for several months, but Hongnong lives in two Beijing. Although it is the satrap with two thousand stones, one side is cold and far away, and there are millions of Xianbei Wuhuan aliens eyeing it in the north, and the other side is warm and comfortable Hongnong … If it is you, how do you choose?
I won’t go to Youzhou if I’m killed … I blurted out goodbye in Beijing, Tianjin and Tangshan!
Freeze and Jia Xu nodded with satisfaction.
hey? I just came to my senses. It seems to be off topic again?
Well, Jia Xu calmly took a sip of tea. It won’t delay the business because of this effort.
Speaking of which, Zhu Xi also told me that I couldn’t make a magistrate … I scratched my head.
It’s natural, he stroked his beard. Now all four counties in Zhao except Handan County have county orders, and according to last year’s performance appraisal, they all make sense.
Handan order? I touched the bar. This is a big gap. Come on as soon as possible. I looked at Jia Xu and Cheng Yu.
Both of them are laughing. Didn’t you collect a lot of people? Pick one.
hey? I thought a little, Let’s do it … Let’s do it. I’m Zhao Xiang, so there’s no need to be too military commander to become a prodemocracy medical sage.
The two uncles said it was acceptable.
So … I hesitated for a second. What about the long history?
Cheng Yu raised an eyebrow. Your fatherinlaw, of course.
Jia Xu, thank you.
14 Zhao Wang Liu She
You said … what? I fiddled with my hair hanging from behind my ears and breathed a sigh of relief.
Pang Gan held out his chest in a very cooperative way. In front of his fairly tall figure and majestic chest, he retreated a little. The prince of Zhao Fu Shuo … If it is convenient for Ma’s adult, please come to Wangfu to visit the prince of Zhao at any time …
hey! The hall door was kicked. What fun do you have for me, young master?
At first glance, the speaker took a glance at the chaotic people and hurried to dodge in the corner.
Prince Zhao sent a message to ask the young master to visit him. Pang Gan pointed to the messenger next to him. Do you want to go with Master Qin?
Meet Prince Zhao? Qin Zhen yi tooth young master, is he here to support me?
Well, although we are in Zhao territory, but … I can continue to support you. I smiled.
Then I won’t visit him. He immediately came to the conclusion.
Master report villain also don’t want to go Pang Gan looked at me with envy.
No way! I raised my hand and boasted, What do you want as a brigade commander?
… Xiao is actually a janitor … Pang Gan hit the nail on the head. Gen hasn’t been escorted for more than a year!
You won’t go until you find Zhao Yun and Dian Wei! I gave him a glimmer of hope.

Thousands of soldiers behind Hernandez were about to rush over. A red-robed and burly general led thousands of cavalry to the Flower Square. These cavalry troops were all printed with a white cross on a black background. It was the Archbishop of Taurus, the Knights of Quirino St. John!

"Hernandez, do you dare to fight with me?" Quirino’s resounding flower square almost shocked the Vatican Sineitai soldiers!
Quirino can be called the God of War in the Holy Roman Empire. Hernandez has always been afraid of him. How dare he go to war with him? "General Quirino, everyone is a Roman and will kill each other. I don’t care about your feud with the Pope!"
Hernandez found himself a step, so it was no longer difficult for Quirino. Hernandez immediately left the Flower Square with the Sineitai soldiers of the Holy See and stopped intervening in the Jade Emperor struggle
Antonio, Sabatino, Alexsandro, Augusto and tommaso, five cardinal archbishops, have all been knocked out. Camilo purified the five people in the square one by one, and cleaned the energy field defiled by dark magic. Twelve cardinal archbishops finally gathered here!
"I didn’t expect so many archbishops in red to be controlled by black magic!" Cancer Sabatino said that he regretted his previous behavior
"When did the Pope learn black magic and I never knew anything?" Libra tommaso said.
"I think there seems to be a great secret hidden in it!" Scorpio Augusto said
"Just like this, we, the arbiters of the Holy See, should find out the truth of this matter at once!" Capricorn Alexsandro said.
"Dear bishops, Antonio was so offended just now. Fortunately, this wizard from the East was so powerful that he didn’t make me make a big mistake," Antonio said. "In that case, the twelve of us will go to the Vatican Palace together to expel Satan from the body of the Father!"
"good! Ok! Good! " He eleven cardinal archbishop chimed in.
After the rest of the Flower Square, Ling Feiyang, Frederick II, Princess Natalia and twelve cardinal archbishops, thousands of soldiers of the Order of St. John marched to the Vatican Palace, the base of Pope Gregory IX! to be continued
Chapter 43 Twelve Bishops vs Pope
Ling Feiyang and others Qi Xin cooperated to rescue the holy Roman King Frederick II Camilo from the stake, purified the five archbishops polluted by dark magic, and the twelve cardinal archbishops of the Vatican finally United and headed for the Vatican Palace, the papal base!
The Vatican Palace in Rome, the Louvre in France and the Forbidden City in China are equally famous. It is said that the palace complex of the world’s three largest luxury palaces is located in a domed square building center in the highland in the northwest corner of Rome. This building is the Catholic Temple, the residence of the Pope.
Quirino left the Order of St. John’s troops outside the Vatican Palace, Natalia, Frederick II and twelve cardinal archbishops filed into the door of the Catholic Temple through a sculpture group. Although there were many kerosene lamps in this temple, the light was still very dark. Twelve large murals were painted on the walls of the temple. Behind the statue stood a statue of Jesus Christ more than three meters high, and a spiral staircase led to the top floor of the temple.
Fifteen people climbed around the spiral staircase for three times, and finally reached the top floor of the Catholic Temple. On the opposite side of the staircase was a very spacious hemispherical hall. The whole dome was installed with rose windows to block the sun’s rays. A 70-year-old man was sitting in the middle of the hall, wearing a blood-red robe and a golden cross on his chest. It was Pope Gregory IX of the Holy Roman Empire!
Ling Feiyang and others never thought that all this way was not only intercepted by the army, but also the Pope’s side didn’t even have a Vatican escort!
Ling Feiyang, Princess Natalia, Frederick II, Grignon Aries, Quirino Taurus, Antonio Gemini, Beduneau Cancer, Gonzalez Lionel, Camilo Virgo, tommaso Libra, Augusto Scorpio, edmundo Sagittarius, Alexsandro Capricorn, Alberto Aquarius and giuliano Pisces lined up in front of Pope Gregory IX!
"I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!" Gregory IX saw the fifteen people but didn’t get up and said slowly
"Respect the Father and expel Satan from your body. Please accept the purification of the holy light!" Frederick II stepped forward, and the white ball of light appeared on Camilo’s head!
Holy light purification!
Gregory IX’s right hand gently stroked the cross on his chest, and the cross gradually turned black. A black light suddenly shot from the cross and hit the ball of light. The white ball of light turned black immediately!
Death ray!
"The disciples of Jesus Christ are baptized with the light of death!" A gloomy and piercing sound came out of Gregory IX’s mouth, and suddenly a black light shot out of the black ball. Camilo immediately fell unconscious!
"Satan, the devil, stop encroaching on the holy body of the Father and let me send you back to your own country!" Antonio read a spell in his mouth and a long and narrow air crack appeared in front of everyone!
Time crack!
With this powerful suction, a black shadow suddenly emerged from Gregory IX’s head, but Gregory IX’s cross on his chest once again emitted a black light and directly shot into this slit! This air crack suddenly turned black and sucked Antonio’s body in instead!
"die in the rift leading to hell!" That creepy sound came out of Gregory IX’s mouth again, and Antonio’s body gradually disappeared into this crack and disappeared immediately!
In an instant, Antonio and Camilo, the most powerful of the twelve cardinal archbishops, were defeated by Gregory IX, and their lives were uncertain! However, his thirteen people were not afraid to use all kinds of magic and martial arts to attack Gregory IX!
Gregory IX’s black shadow suddenly condensed into a demon with six wings!
"It was Satan!" Ten cardinal archbishop saw this scene is almost exclaimed.
According to the Christian Bible, Satan was in front of the Emperor’s throne. Seraphim was driven out of the kingdom of heaven by the Lord because of delusion. After Satan degenerated into a devil, he formed an army to rebel against the Lord and lured Adam and Eve to eat good and evil trees in the Garden of Eden, which brought evil to people.
Wind, fire, thunder, gold, earth, water, ice, poison, darkness, and mind control are ten kinds of magic. At the same time, they are coming at Satan, who is also mixed with Ling Feiyang’s six-pulse Excalibur. Satan suddenly burst into laughter. A dark cloud appeared around Gregory IX’s body and absorbed all the attack departments!
Black magic shield!
桑拿网"Foolish people, don’t you all want heaven? Why don’t I send you to hell?" As soon as Satan’s mouth opened and closed, this dark cloud suddenly expanded sharply. In the hall of the temple, several black monsters with a tiger head and a lion body swooped down on the thirteen people!
Dark Guardian!
Ten cardinal archbishops used magic one after another. Some monsters were hit by magic, but more monsters still came. Gonzá lez, tommaso, Augusto and giuliano were first attacked by monsters and fell unconscious!
Ling Feiyang saw a monster rushing towards Frederick II, and immediately stepped forward to use a palm "Kang Long has regrets" to shoot at this hideous monster!
However, the monster paused for a moment and then continued to rush forward. Ling Fei whisked up Frederick II’s arm and pulled him aside.
"Earth that gave birth to life, spread your loving arms to protect your devout believers!" Grignon chanted a spell, and Shi Zhuan rose from the ground to form a huge stone wall in front of these monsters!
Sigh wall!

Even though he knew Xiao Ran wouldn’t tell him about it casually, he couldn’t help but be afraid that Su Xuetong would know about it and that it would completely subvert their original peace and life!

"Don’t bother little dyed little dyed not just had surgery? Let her have a good rest. "
"But I have an appointment with Xiao Ran, and Xiao Ran also said that it is no problem."
Su Xuetong really likes Yin Anran’s shooting style. Although the anniversary of her and Xiao Yunan is celebrated every year, she attaches great importance to it every year. Small dyeing is very good.
"Talk to Xiao Ran and she will understand."
His tone is uncontrolled and heavy. Su Xuetong looks at him strangely and thinks he is a little abnormal. "Yuna, what’s wrong with you? How do I feel that you don’t want Xiao Ran to shoot for us? "
Xiao Yunan pursed her lips. "Without Xuetong, this city can take good photos. There are many photographers, so we don’t need to bother with small dyeing."
When Xiao Ning came from the building, he just heard the conversation between the two. "Dad, you are wrong. We are familiar with Xiao Ran, and it is normal for Mom to find Xiao Ran. It is not that you will be so opposed if you don’t give money."
"You shut up!"
Xiao Yuna was dumbfounded at this roar.
He has been famous for his temper for so many years, and his fingers can count the number of times he gets angry.
Xiao Ning didn’t expect his father to get so angry in one sentence. He touched his nose and coughed quietly and ate breakfast.
Xiao Yuna also realized that he was a little angry. He got up and picked up his suit and coat and went straight out of the door.
Just leave two mothers with big eyes and small eyes
"Your dad today also don’t know what’s wrong" Su Xuetong light with a sigh.
"Is dad going back to menopause?"
Su Xuetong gave him a sigh.
Xiao Ning smiled heartlessly. After breakfast, Xiao Ning wiped her mouth. "Mom, I’m leaving."
Today is the weekend, but the two fathers are still so busy. Su Xuetong shook his head. "You are busy at work and on weekends. Speaking of which, when will you bring a daughter-in-law back to your mother?" Su Xuetong cut his clothes for him.
Xiao Ning waved, "Eh, mom, don’t worry."
"Don’t worry? How old are you? Mom doesn’t ask you to get married. You should at least get married. Let your mother see some hope first. If you have a fancy to that girl, remember to tell her. "
"Mom, didn’t you hear people say that men have thirty-one flowers? I’m less than thirty. "
Su Xuetong nai smiled, "You are poor!"
Xiao Ning tried to sneak away.
What’s terrible about urging marriage!
Yin Anran was lucky to live, which is definitely not a good thing for Yin Mengting.
At that time, she didn’t hate Yin Anran and Mo Yan, but she was cold and faint to her. On the contrary, she was obsessed with Yin Anran’s performance, which made her hate her teeth.
Later, when she went out with her friends and heard them talking about the hired killer, she had bad thoughts.
Her child was pregnant without Yin Anran. When she was pregnant, Mo Yan also said that she didn’t love her, and Yin Anran had Meng Yichen to accompany her to the pregnancy test. Her jealousy of Yin Anran became more and more obvious!
So she found the killer. She was going to kill Yin Anran and kill the baby in her belly!
The original Yin Anran will die because of this, but I didn’t expect her to live so hard. It’s disgusting!
"MOna, what are you thinking? Let’s go to the jewelry store. "A friend took her arm and they went into the jewelry store together.
Yin Mengting was not in the mood to wander around her eyes and casually saw these things in the counter. Suddenly, she saw a necklace. "Show me this."
"Let me see this."
Almost at the same time, another sound sounded with her. When she looked up, she was a woman about fifty years old.
Yin Mengting never likes others to rob her. She sinks her breath. "Show me this."
At that time, the salesgirl had some difficulties. Now that this necklace has this one, both of them want to see it …
桑拿网  title="Miss, there are many other styles here. Why don’t you look at his style first?" One of the salesgirls said to Yin Mengting.
This salesgirl knows Su Xuetong and naturally doesn’t want to offend Su Xuetong.
Yin Mengting originally thought that this necklace didn’t have any special meaning, but now she has to lose her temper!
"I’m going to look at this! What, you think I can’t afford it? !”
The clerk apologized at once. "Of course not. Of course not."
Su Xuetong glanced at Yin Mengting faintly, then smiled and said to the clerk, "Since this lady wants to see it, show it to her, and I’ll see something else."
Su Xuetong’s remarks were suspected to have helped the shop assistant understand the situation. The shop assistant nodded his thanks and took Su Xuetong aside to see necklaces of other styles.
Yin Mengting didn’t look good. She picked up the necklace and looked at it. Suddenly, she thought of something and looked Su Xuetong over there.
The more I look at it, the more familiar I feel.
"I don’t think I’ve seen it before."
One side followed Yin Mengting’s friend to wind Su Xuetong and heard Yin Mengting say, "That’s Su Xuetong, the wife of the president of Xiao Group, who said that she also had photos when she interviewed President Xiao before."
"Xiao?" Yin Mengting’s eyes narrowed slightly. "Which Xiao?"
"Which Xiao can it be? It’s the Xiao whose president seems to be called Xiao Yuna."
Xiao Yunan!
Yin Mengting is no stranger to this name. She heard it when she knew Yin Anran’s life experience!
Xiao Yunan! Yin Anran’s biological father!
Looked at Su Xuetong Yin Mengting suddenly hook lip a smile.
Su Xuetong walked out of the jewelry store without taking a fancy to his favorite necklace after watching it for a while.
"Miss Su"
Yin Mengting stopped Su Xuetong before.
Su Xuetong looked at the woman in front of her just now.
Yin Mengting is still a stranger to Su Xuetong, and as proud as Yin Mengting in the jewelry store just now, Su Xuetong can’t have a good impression. "What can I do for this young lady?"
Yin Mengting smiled. "Of course, Miss Su, if I remember correctly, your husband is Xiao Yunan, president of Xiao’s group, right?"
Xiao Yunan is a public figure in the business world. It is not surprising that some people know him, and she has attended several business meetings with Xiao Yunan. Xiao Yunan also interviewed her, so it is not surprising that some people know her.
"Yes, what can I do for you?"
Yin Mengting smiled, "Miss Su has something to tell you about your husband."
Yin Mengting smiled at Su Xuetong and felt very bad. When she listened to Yin Mengting’s speech, her face changed even more.
"What? ! You talk nonsense. "
Yin Mengting’s smile became more and more obvious when she saw this reaction. "Miss Su, I know it’s hard for anyone to accept this, but it’s a fact, and I’m kind enough to tell you this fact. I hope you won’t be kept in the dark."

Jamlom slowed down carefully and observed the gentleman’s frosted face through the rearview mirror. He said carefully, "Gentleman and housewife are probably too tired to go home and rest for one night."

Later, Ning Tiannuo instantly lifted her eyes, and the color in her eyes turned dark and cool for a moment. Jamlom shivered and shrank her neck and secretly slapped her face to make you talk more and shut up.
But after half a minute, NingTianNuo didn’t lose his temper and drive Jamlom away, and didn’t say a word again.
Jamlom secretly breathed a sigh of relief again, thinking that this bet should be on him. He turned around in a small circle and sailed back to Ningjia Road smoothly.
The atmosphere of the car all the way was stagnant. Wang Yuehuan didn’t talk. He turned his back on Ning Tiannuo and didn’t want to look at him again.
Ning Tiannuo finally got used to it. What’s wrong with this? It’s still unclear why she turned her face when she turned her face.
Ning Tiannuo gas grinding his teeth after turning the car, but Wang Yuehuan was blocked at the door.
"What do you mean?"
It’s strange that he can’t bear to show his face when he recruits her and annoys her.
Wang Yuehuan raised his hand and pushed him away. "What do you mean when a woman loses her temper? Just ignore her and leave her alone."
Ning Tiannuo "
That makes sense. He’s going to be right again.
Catch Ning Tiannuo stunned for a few seconds and Wang Yuehuan crossed his building.
I can’t tell how many emotions are rolling in my heart at the moment, knowing that contradictions and anxiety account for most of them.
Abnormal obesity delayed my period just now, but it was just a little cool breeze. She was nauseous and wished she couldn’t spit out all the dirt, but she really couldn’t spit out anything. It was retching.
And if it weren’t for NingTianNuo eyeing up behind her, I’m afraid she was even more rude just now.
Everything is developing in a direction that I don’t want to face and see.
How can she be calm and calm, how can she get along with Tiannuo, and how can she not move? As usual, he went on living with hypocrisy.
Wang Yuehuan doesn’t know how to accurately grasp the heart and interweave many emotions.
It is reasonable to say that she was sentenced to death by a doctor and could not have children. She speculated that she might be pregnant, and she should be most happy.
But what’s going to happen after what happened to Wu Sen
I feel really bad in the deepest part of my heart, and even before the pregnancy is confirmed, she has already started to worry.
People in this generation really can’t do stealing chickens and dogs, otherwise they will always suppress some mental illness by worrying about the exposure of things every day.
After Ning Tiannuo’s building, Wang Yuehuan has been rolled up. She is definitely not asleep, but she is too obvious to put all the postures away from the outside world.
NingTianNuo frowning into the bathroom quickly took a shower wrapped in a wide bathrobe.
Long hands and feet got into bed and stretched out his hand to hold Wang Yuehuan in his arms.
She refused to be stiff with resistance, and her face wrinkled like a steamed bun.
He gently caressed her back without saying anything, and when she finally relaxed and stopped being rude and tried to resist herself.
He spoke in a low, soft voice like a beautiful tune. Sogeum music said, "I know you are exhausted today. Have a good sleep and don’t think about me."
Wang Yuehuan wanted to cry even more. Why does this bad guy always do something annoying?
"Ning Tiannuo, you really hate it, you know?"
I don’t like this. He seems to be a stone, and she hates him. This change has disrupted all her attempts to retaliate.
Ning Tiannuo Nai said to her in a tone of pain, "Okay, okay, I hate you. I don’t hate your temper. It’s the cutest."
Ning Tiannuo, including Wang Yuehuan, did not expect that one day such gentle and spoiled words would come out of Ning Tiannuo’s mouth.
Wang Yuehuan was even sadder. Little face stuffed Ning Tiannuo’s arms and didn’t want him to see his red and sour eyes.
NingTianNuo hug her one by one, Fushun her back and wait for her to breathe smoothly. He gently pulled the distance between them.
A pair of long, thick eyelashes at the bottom of the eyes are restless, and there are dirty tears on the cheeks. It seems that there is still a big grievance in the dream. She has been breathing for a long time, and she has choked and choked.
Ning Tian’s heart seemed to melt for a moment.
My feelings for her came suddenly, but it seemed like an endless stream. After accepting the reality bit by bit, I found it was so natural, as if he should have been so kind to her.
His dry and crisp fingers brushed her long eyelashes and wiped the tears on her little face.
A deep and gentle sigh came from my heart. Wang Yue Huan, what do you want me to do? I’m changing. Can’t you really see it at all?
The next morning, when Wang Yuehuan woke up, there was no Ning Tiannuo beside the bed.
Stretched out his hand and explored the temperature of the sheets. Ning Tiannuo has been up for quite a long time, probably going out to work.
Wang Yuehuan got up with a yawn, and all his worries and ambivalence were almost forgotten by himself after a night of deep sleep.
And it was not until after taking a shower and brushing your teeth that the smell of toothpaste flushed her nose and made her hold the washbasin for a long time. After retching, all the memories came back in an instant, and it was a gloomy mood in the morning, which was really disturbing.
She was so depressed that she dropped her toothbrush, but she still couldn’t breathe, and the child rolled around like a cruel child and dropped the toothbrush cup.
But even so, what can it change? What should happen should be certain and always unavoidable.
Wang Yuehuan wiped her mouth with a towel and casually applied some toner to her face. She was going out to buy a pregnancy test paper.
This is somewhat similar between Wang Yuehuan and Gao Shenran. If you can’t hide it, you will face it anyway. It is better to cut the gordian knot and do it quickly.
品茶论坛  title=It was Louningtiannuo who didn’t go to class. He leafed through the living room and saw her in the morning paper today. She patted the sofa next to the building and asked her to come and sit down.
Wang Yue huan this time there is no objection to walk over and sit down with a calm face, pick an eyebrow and laugh at Ning Tiannuo. "You are used to reading newspapers when you get up early in the morning like an old man who has retired and nobody cares."
Ning Tiannuo shrugged his shoulders and said that he was laughed at.
He changed hands and put the newspaper on. He looked at her and saw that she looked better. Many big hands fell on her belly.
Wen asked, "Are you feeling better today? What’s wrong with you? I called Dr. Zhang and she will be here soon."
Wang Yuehuan’s big hand in the lower abdomen was like a red-hot soldering iron, which made her have a high fever from the outside.
She raised her long legs and put them on his thighs to avoid his palms and pressed the lock eyebrows and said, "It’s all right. Don’t always make a fuss. It’s annoying."
Ning Tian Nuo Wen’s palm turned to fall, and her straight long legs danced flexibly through her pants and fingers. Butterfly seemed to brush her legs gently.
"Regular physical examination is necessary", he concluded.
Wang Yuehuan pursed her mouth and jumped up. His palm pressed. He touched his thigh and jumped to play tricks on me. "Anyway, I’m not in the mood."
Say that finish no longer wait for Ning Tiannuo to persuade and turn into the kitchen. She must find a way to get rid of Ning Tiannuo’s pregnancy test paper first, or take it home quietly in person. In case the certificate is just a big oolong or a sad breath, it will be directly pressed.
Ning Tian Nuo nai tut tut fu forehead I don’t know what Wang Yuehuan rejects. Why do you hate doctor’s examination so much?
He followed her into the restaurant, tall and straight, leaning against the door frame and trying to persuade again and again.
"It’s not so terrible to have a routine examination."

"I’ll walk you in" Wei Xi tone don’t refute.

桑拿按摩"No, but do you know where to find the Queen Mother?"
"Of course, it’s the terminal. Is it Cining Palace?" Gu Xiaomi rolled her eyes and treated her like an idiot.
Wei Xi shook his head, dragging his luggage with one hand and pulling Gu Xiaomi into the airport with the other.
"Aye, the lounge is over there," Gu Xiaomi said, pointing to the crowded hall.
"Come with me" Wei Xi took Gu Xiaomi to the other side.
Pushing open the glass door, a gust of wind blew to Gu Xiaomi. In front of him, there was a huge tarmac. A small passenger plane suddenly stopped in the fuselage and wrote "Heaven Mission".
"Wow, your family even has a private jet." Gu Xiaomi couldn’t believe his eyes.
"Then will the" Queen Mother "of your family board the plane with a group of people?"
"too" just think about the queen mother’s head held high and flying like a normal person is also a little difficult for her.
"Hello, Mr. Wei." An elder sister on each side of the hatch bent down to say hello to Wei Xi.
Wei Xi gently nodded and pulled Gu Xiaomi to board the plane.
"Wow, this elder sister is really beautiful."
"Really? Why didn’t I see it?" Wei Xi said calmly.
"There is something wrong with your eyes."
"I don’t like you, iad."
"I what is iad"
"Shh" Wei Xi gently pulled from millet said
Gu Xiaomi saw that he had reached the "queen mother"
"Mom" Wei Xi’s expression says hello.
"It’s really love. You came to see the plane off in person after leaving for such a few days."
Wei Xi and Gu Xiaomi didn’t answer. Three people were so embarrassed and deadlocked.
"Well, it’s almost time for you to go first, and we should take off." Ji Yun broke the deadlock.
"Good but mom millet her"
"Why are you worried that I will eat her and rest assured that I will bring her back to you unscathed?"
"Thank you, Mom"
"And we will be very busy these days. You two should not text to WeChat every day. You should also pay close attention to the acquisition of Jianda these days. Yi’s side will also send people over to discuss it together." Jiyun began to set up.
Wei Xi quietly glanced at Gu Xiaomi Gu Xiaomi nodded his head.
"Well, then I’ll go first."
Wei Xi put Gu Xiaomi’s luggage away and told Gu Xiaomi "I’m leaving"
Gu Xiaomi smiled at him Wei Xi turned and left the plane.
After Wei Xi left, Jiyun didn’t talk to Gu Xiaomi, but picked up the file at hand and looked at it.
Gu Xiaomi looked around and found a window seat to sit down.
This is my sister coming over to wake them up. The plane is about to take off. Pay attention to your seat belt.
Looking at my sister’s concave-convex figure, Gu Xiaomi couldn’t help but tut, "This figure is really beautiful. Wei Xi has a big myopia and didn’t see it. He didn’t tell him that I am iad. He hasn’t come to ask me what IAD is a tablet brain and so on."
Gu Xiaomi looked at his immature chest and shouted "; Wei Xi, you are a big bad wolf. "
Nervous article gu Xiaomi shouted before he remembered to cover his mouth and look back at Jiyunzheng frowning at his next sister, who also twisted her face because of holding back her smile. Gu Xiaomi now wants to jump out of the plane and get rid of it.
It’s embarrassing for Xiaomi to be with Jiyun. Just now, Xiaomi wrote, directed and performed a farce. It’s a good thing to add frost to this failed journey. It’s a short journey and we have reached our destination in the blink of an eye.
The staff of Guangzhou Branch received Ji Yun and his party to stay in the largest local hotel. Ji Yun decided to take a rest day today and formally signed the contract. Gu Xiaomi was arranged in the next room of Ji Yun. This is the first time for Gu Xiaomi to stay in a six-star hotel and see everything fresh. "Wow, washing hands is bigger than our home. It’s so unreasonable that this bathtub can be massaged." Gu Xiaomi looked at this presidential suite like Grandma Liu visiting the Grand View Garden. She picked up her mobile phone and kept taking selfies. Scold me for being naive and thinking of Wei Xi, but Gu Xiaomi has already started to miss him, especially in a strange city. Looking out the window, the street lights are gradually lit up, and looking at the warm lamps in the distance, Gu Xiaomi really wants to give Wei Xi a message, but Ji Yun’s words during the day made her give up the idea, but forget it. It’s better to go back in two days. What if I let the queen mother know that it’s difficult or Xi Alas, I don’t know what Xi is doing now? Did you have dinner? Did you play with Ghosn again? Did you miss me?
The mobile phone in his hand suddenly shook up and scared her. Take a closer look at the screen and it’s Xi calling Gu Xiaomi and press the answer key quickly.
"Hello Xi"
"What are you doing? Are you missing me?"
"Don’t boast. Who has time to miss you?" Gu Xiaomi answered with some guilt.
"Forget it if I don’t think about it, then I’ll hang up."